Men In Black – Russian Documentary

— Men In Black – Russian Documentary —



Medvedev the Russian Prime Minister spoke to the Press, saying more info is in the Men in Black. The Russian documentary, and not the U.S. Comedy, Men in Black.

The Russians are coming with truth, the US is still in denial. The Russians are saying space Aliens do exist, but it’s top secret.

Here is the Men in Black documentary that Medvedev spoke of.



I knew that space UFOs existed, but they were a mystery to me. From the golden disk form, to the glowing orbs that bounced, so majestically from a hundred yards away from me.

The Canadians are truthful about UFOs too, when Paul Hellyer former Minister of Defense of Canada confessed about the US dealings with the Aliens.


I believe in the UFOs phenomenon, just because I experienced it many times in my life. Though I don’t remember being abducted, but there were time losses. Especially when I saw the orbs coming down the hill in the big field next to the house I rented. I thought I remember the time passing by unexplained, about a half hour of time without memories.

I don’t know about the races of different aliens, but I don’t doubt the diversities that comprises them, since humankind comprises of such diversities too. They might be fat Jabba the Hutts, or skinny midgets such as Yoda, but there is much wisdom, and knowledge that we could learn from them.


If they didn’t fear the interactions with such a violent society, but they might be thieves that take advantage of us. Which is worse than violence. It’s a cold deception that steals, and it doesn’t feel like it’s doing wrong.

I don’t know why the space aliens don’t want to make contact with the common people. They supposedly already made contact with our leaders, which is filling an agenda that’s top secret.

I would like that secrecy to be shot into oblivion, and to be no more. Where we see them fly in our skies, and do no harm to us or our planet.

As common as a bird in flight, and all is well and normal.

Where we become citizens of the universe… from the planet Earth.

I dream big… we all need dreamers.

Though the fears of mass deception taking place with a phony visitation deployed by one of worldly govts. I hope not, but I’ve seen plans of the world’s govts, looking to unify our increasingly divided world.

I would rather have a rational unifying world, not the deceptive kind.