— Thanksgiving? Why? —


fall-744274_640Thanksgiving and Squanto, ours is not to question why, but to do and die… with a smile on our faces.

Thanksgiving was a time for family gatherings around the dinner table, and feasting with love and thanksgiving in our hearts. Now it’s a consumerist holiday, making the way for the Christmas shopping season and celebrations.

They call it Black Friday the day after the Thanksgiving dinner, where they make the way for holiday shoppers.

I used to enjoy the holidays, it was a time in the late 1970’s, I realized that the heart was gone from the shoppers in the malls, they looked rushed and were stressed out. They didn’t like being in the store shopping, and they were rude to me and everyone else, rather than with the Christmas cheer and the thankfulness of mood.

The Christmas season is invading the thankfulness, sometimes before the day of appreciation.


What is it I’m thankful for this year?

Well, I’m thankful for a chance at living with the love of family and friends, though sometimes it is painful, but also is very joyful too, even in the painful times.

I’m thankful that our founding fathers tried to build a secure country, so that we live in liberty, or at least the best chance at liberty, but that freedom is quickly sold to the highest bidder with the marriage of governmental and corporative powers… even the elected service is bought.

I’m just ranting here, and I’m thankful for that power… the power of free speech.

We’ve been at war throughout time with all the monarchs of the past, and the evolved govts of the old world, and we think we know the right way, and we do when we start to listen to the truth, but our pride is the loudmouth asshole, always telling what others should do.

You should be thankful for my silence… that’s my pride speaking, and sticking my foot in my mouth.


Happy Thanksgiving!!!