Understanding Fertilizing the Crops

— Understanding Fertilizing the Crops —


I‘m no expert on fertilizing. In fact, I had to study a lot over the last few years about Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. There are also many trace nutrients that I had to study too. I forget them though, as soon as time goes by though.

If I was a farmer and had to do it over and over again, then I would retain it, like a second nature. But I’m a part time farmer.


Nitrogen is in charge of the bloom growths. How much nitrogen you feed it determines the number of blooms.

Phosphorous is in charge of the root growth, and the number of blooms also.

Potassium is in charge on the strengthening of the root system. The overall plant growth, and the resistance to diseases. Fertilizing the crops is the most important productive part of farming.

That’s what I have come to understand from the the info on the web… mainly Google.


Next Year’s Plans

I have to fortify the soil for next years crops. I have to move the tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and peppers inside the greenhouse also. If I want to eat them in the summer. The corn is OK on the outside.

Each plant requires a different PH of soil to thrive in, and different nutrients too. I mean they will grow, but the number of blooms and fruits is a tricky subject, to say the least.

I also have to make the earthworms happy. So I decided to throw all my vegetable scraps and the like into the outside gardens too.

It keeps the earthworms happy and multiplying. Which is good for the soil. I’ll throw a few more earthworms into the mix, and make a compost pile outside the garden area. I just wish I started this when I was younger, and had more vigor for expansion.


I still have to clean out the greenhouse with the powerwasher that I bought, cause the black mold invaded everything. We have an invasion of gnats and fruit flies too. They congregate in the greenhouse, cause it protects them from the cold, and the condensation is what they love.

Water was dripping on our heads. As we were cutting the grape vines to stick them into new pots of dirt. Supposedly, they’re going to grown in the spring, as new grape plants.

They did on youtube. So I’m experimenting, modeling what I’ve seen on youtube. I’m hoping I’m successful. Which still remains to be seen.