Deaf Ears cause Fears and Tears

— Deaf Ears causes Fears and Tears : A Cop shoots a deaf man —


A black Cop shoots a white deaf man, for whatever reason fell on deaf ears.

He probably didn’t respond to his commands. He was walking towards the cop after being pulled over, and the Cop probably said freeze, and he didn’t respond. The cop was probably in fear for his life, and shot him.

Though the deaf man was no saint either. He had other charges against him with the law, but only minor offenses. I wouldn’t want to be deaf or blind for that matter.


Here is the brother, who is also deaf, witnessing of his brother in sign language.



I hope this calms the whole black lives matter movement, and bring to the forefront that “all lives matter”. The racism occur on both sides. The blaming others occurs on both sides of the fences too.

Hard of hearing, as well as the deaf, need to be understood. The cops need to learn sign language, or call for sign language translator. You don’t need to shoot the person out of fear.

The Cops needs to learn a sign, for a “sign language translator in route”.

You could carry a pen and paper, and explain that your deaf.

He was probably mad, that he didn’t have his card.

I wonder what would I do, when a cop asks me for my license, and I reach back into my pouch of my wheelchair. He might be thinking I’m getting a gun. No, I wouldn’t be that lucky.


Conclusion on Deaf Ears

This is not a light subject, and I shouldn’t be lighthearted about it, but it’s so sad. I’m forced to be lighthearted about it.

I had a stroke in 2004, therefore I couldn’t talk for a whole year, and that burdened me to no ends. So I know the burden of trying to communicate, and the frustration of trying to express to someone that doesn’t speak your language.

So, I wouldn’t answer the phone for two years. I had no problem cursing at the top of my lungs, cause I was always cursing, and I had no problem cursing in anger without stuttering.

The deaf must go through the worst burdensome of miscommunications.

That would drive me crazy.

Daniel K. Harris

deaf ears