Everything Bugs A Depressed Fool

— Everything Bugs A Depressed Fool —


depressed foolI‘m the depressed fool, and I’m even more depressed by the Black Hat hackers. I understand that hacking was once looked at as a defense in the beginning.  To seek the weaknesses of an OS, and show it to the public, but quickly turned into an alternative ego crazy existence, thus the black hat reference.

Hacking was once a noble occupation, but it hijacked the term hackers for the black hat team, that thrive on the power trips for their chaos and discord, and shows the world through logic, or the abuse of logic would be more truthful.

I’m just ranting here, I’m at my wit’s end. The chaos you’ve caused in my life, with your annoying hacks, makes me want to give up, but you know I’m prideful, and won’t give up. I’ll just change course, and make you wonder what I’ll do.

I’m a depressed fool, but I’ll be a successful wise man one day in the future, and you’ll be a fool. I’ll show you mercy, rather than pin prick you, as you do me now.

I’m not sure of writing 300 words here, it might bring my SEO scores down. I figure why care about SEO scores, with the hackers hacking Google, and other search engines with disillusions data. I was raised on DOS, and within a few years MS Windows came out. Norton was a disk utility, and I was able to learn that anything once it was in digital form, it could be retrieved, whether it was deleted or not.

I bought my first computer in 1984, and I was amazed at its capabilities first, but I’ve grown indifferent to it; with the fruits I’ve seen produced by it.

Well, this is the last sentence I have to say about it, I’ve said it all, over and over again. I’m just a depressed fool, and I have to learn to deal with that.

Cause life is a trail of ups and downs, one day you’re wise, and the next day you’re a fool, so deal with it.

It’s like riding a surfboard, the wipeout comes to us all.