Spam Gangs

— Spam Gangs —

Spam Gangs galore, I’m just a lonely fool… fighting them…and have just a rudimentary knowledge of computers, I’ve been at it for over 30 years, so it’s my fault. I was amazed at all the toys and trinkets with the software and what it could do.

Anyway, they’ve infected my computer.

I’ve had headaches galore dealing with their tactics, I’ve practically banned all of Italy(at least the phone company servers). I don’t know why I suffer for what I believe, and others suffer for what the spam gangs believe.

I think the Italian police should break up the spam gangs along with the crime family gangs, I saw today they broke down on the Gambino crime family in NY and Italy.



Let’s hope we all have a good holiday break, I’m flabbergasted to what to do. I’ll seek out another on what to do, but I would have to go out, … leave this computer.

I need to find a firewall that blocks out a range of IPs instead of just one IP. There are 256 IPs for each server, it’s much easier to post them in the blockout.

I lost count on the numbers of failed logins, I’d much rather shoot them…nah that would be too merciful for them.

I’m at my wit’s end, every year at this time, it seems I’m at a loss for words. We celebrate the birth of our savior, with glad tidings from a fat man in a red suit, ho ho HO HO… I feel like saying bah humbug.

Jesus wasn’t born in Winter, I’m guessing it was July or August. There were many references to the 25th December as the new birth of something. Maybe it will be the birth of peace and the spammers will be brought to justice for all the chaos and trouble they caused in the lives of normal people.

Merry Christmas, I know Jesus wasn’t born in Winter, but at least we agree on love and gift giving, but we waste our energies on trivial gifts, that once they’re given, they’re quickly forgotten.

We don’t give the gifts that are needed. Go out and visit a friend, and feed the hungry, spread the love that Jesus taught you, and stop feeding the chain stores with the farce of Santa Clause.

The real story of Santa Claus is a real story, the corporations seen him as a marketing tool, cause it sold toys.


Well, I’m at my wit’s end…Good Night, or more like good morning.