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Neuralink ???

Neuralink Is Something That Promises Everything, And Gives Nothing, But Telepathy To Monkeys   Telepathically playing video games with other monkeys… so we all are dumb and stupid… we are all monkey’s at first, if you’re a believer in evolution. Neuralink is a corporation that was founded by Elon Musk, to be a better defense …

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FB and ME

The Facebook Debacle   FB and Me went through a love and hate relationship. It started with a friend’s pictures of Paris, and progressed with connecting with friends from my past, and bordering on a dangerous relationships. I always kept my distance from the intimacy, that FB tried to instill in me. Talking about FB …

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Why do We put Prices on Everything?


— Why do We put a Price on Everything? —   Prices are put on everything, as the main focus. Freedom requires spilt blood, for it’s price. The new prosthetics arm that moves and feels requires a price of over $100,000 for the prosthesis. It made me mad when the guy gave it an astronomical …

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AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical

— AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical About —   I watched this video by Big Think, where Michael Shermer is talking about being skeptical about reaching utopia, and saying dystopia is the ultimate result of utopia. Leaves me a little skeptical about the whole notion of reaching heaven at all. There were moments that …

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— ads.panoramtech.net — Update:   It seems the software I had suggested to fix the problems had a way of changing things, I don’t read so much, as I type, but they changed the hardware setup that I had. I’m so trusting, that makes me an idiot, but being paranoid all the time makes you mad…again …

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