Protester Agents?

I Wonder!

We have agents, lets call them crisis actors, that feed on our emotions, to blow it up, to more than it is.

We’ve had them all my life, when I look back throughout all my history. I needed to see through the memory prism, with afterthought, to see it clearly. You have the memories, as dots in your life, and you connect those dots to other dots, or other memories in your life.

I was watching the Emory protests, and the crisis actors, were not in, or going to the University, and brought in as another staging prop(Crisis actors). Which can be funded by the News channels, or other some malevolent forces, and it is only a microcosm of the whole stage, and whole plot of the play.

I’m just connecting the dots in my mind right now, and laying the seed in your thoughts too… cause you came here.

I’m trying to make sense, of all this social engineering world, and it’s like a witches brew, and I wasn’t there in the beginning, when the witches started making the brew… so I’m only guessing on their agenda, or their recipe.

The world is like a Petri dish, and all kinds of viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc., fill that dish, and we study it, and make changes to it, in our minds with our reflections of it.

I wish I could articulate it, so it makes sense to anyone, who is reading this. English, must not be my mother tongue, cause I can’t find the words. I can make up words, but that will just confuse you, and me too… cause I have a very bad recall memory.

Anyway, lets get back to crisis actors, and what they’re doing, to make the news more dramatic, and more hyped to spark your emotions, with repetitive chants for the simple minded, not everyone can come up that thought that they chant.

Not everyone is a multitasker, and even us multitaskers, it is growing older, and getting wiser, and finding it a waste of time to attempt to understand it.

So, I need something, as a chant sometimes, as a guardrails along the roads of thoughts, so I don’t go off the road, and end up in a ditch, which could be compared to confusion, which gets you stuck spinning your wheels, along the roads of thoughts in your mind.

Well, that’s the seed I want planted in your minds, so I better end it here… and hopefully something good grows from it, like good thoughts(which are the fruits), but they can be poisonous too, so be careful nurturing them, and give them only water and sunlight, I’m not responsible for what you feed them.

You can distort a plant by what you feed them, cause every plant is different, some like an acidic soil, and some plants thrive in alkaline soils. Some like nitrogen rich soils, and some like phosphorus rich, and some like potassium rich soils, and some are addicted to micronutrients in soils, but some like a lot of water, and some thrive on dry soils… but they all need light to understand, and grow healthily.

Except, if you’re a night owl, then who knows what you do in the dark… but God does.

That’s all I understand by the grace that I have been given… I need to understand that, instead of yelling at the heavens… but sometimes the confusion, and all the pokes from the social media sites, feels like an electric cattle prod guiding you, where to go down the butchering(Death) chute… sometimes you have to pray with anger at God(They, above and below)… to clear your mind from all the clutter… but you have to pick up the clutter pieces, and place it back on the puzzle table.

There is always confusion in your mind, it’s the steps of your journey, the ditches and the peaks(overcoming) on the road of thoughts in your mind… watch out, if you travel to off road trails, without guardrails, cause you have only your connections to God, and hopefully, you’re not a strong willed atheists, cause God doesn’t believe in you either.
God created you too… but God hates your pride, it’s nice in little chunks as a sweet treat.

Ooops, I’m preaching again.