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rp_305366879_150_150.jpgUpdate:   It seems the software I had suggested to fix the problems had a way of changing things, I don’t read so much, as I type, but they changed the hardware setup that I had. I’m so trusting, that makes me an idiot, but being paranoid all the time makes you mad…again if what I suggested, screwed up your system, then I’m extremely sorry. So don’t download AdwCleaner, unless you read what they want you to delete…cause I trusted them and let them delete all they found.
I need to slow down and smell the roses.

I went to the Firefox add on page and the Webroot antivirus I have said that I was going to, but I thought I was going to Firefox addons.

When I went to the extensions page, it automatically sent me to a page, I was able to get to the extension’s page, but I don’t know what I did… I need to investigate this.

And I found this page

I found the culprit extension … Show IP 2.5, if I believe Google. It could be by the installation of other programs, you don’t know what’s going on in the background when there is an installation, they install spyware and malware whenever it suits their agenda.

Remember FREE is not Free, unless you want to be studied for that freedom.

Trend Micro didn’t find it, and that expired today, so I’m going with Webroot, I’m sure that Webroot is capable of being fooled too, but I had that extension for over a year and Trend Micro didn’t catch it.

The Internet is alive with spies and script kiddies, the script kiddies work other programs for their intrusive curiosities, but if they learn about it, then they can write their own programs or malware.

I left feedback with Firefox, but I think I found the subject… Firefox should clean up their extensions, or Firefox will not be trusted by me. I don’t have time to fight the maliciousness of mankind, I’d rather die then fight, cause then I’ll be in a place where I could attack it at its cause.

And heal mankind for good and forever.

 UPDATE:   I loaded AdwCleaner to clean them, I think it cleaned them, my PC is running smoother, but what do I know.  I just updated to Firefox33 and my thumbnail zoom doesn’t work anymore. It sucks when no one trusts each other.