Steam is Bubbling in This Soul

And I need to vent

it out of me, on here.

I should’ve got up and eaten, but I chose to stay in bed, and vent my frustrations for satisfaction, instead of eating for energy, and healing.

The times of frustration need an output of venting, what’s wrong with my life… I’ve been searching for God all my life, and I find myself crying victim more than not, what I’m accusing Israel of doing the pompous arrogance of using the Holocaust, that no one went through, much less Netanyahu… except in his mind, so the virtual world which exists in your imagination only, but gets confused, with that you’ve lived it in reality.

You fall into that trap, of a false virtual reality, and not a material reality… which is also a sign of mental illness.

Who is a Creep…?

I went on FB, and was wasted my time trying to reveal all of the Israel’s propaganda tactics, it’s a neverending war between the lies and the truth

I feel like I’m drained trying to share the truth, but the media which is my enemy sometimes, and an ally at other times. It all depends on what narrative I’m following, and trying to catch the truth in my net, like a butterfly.

We all are led by narratives, that suit us, like candy treats that we eat, but those sweet treats bite us in the end. We have no teeth to defend us from getting dentures and false teeth… I choose to go all natural, and just go denture-less, and gum my food.

Cause it’s real, and lies stand out as rough food to chew, but the truth needs no chewing… so in a way it’s fasting, taking the truth in a world of lies, from the media.

It opened it up the “narratives” subject, and the narratives I’m talking about is this definition:

“The presentation of the positions
of a politician or political party in the media,
as by press releases, speeches, and interviews.”

This narrative is complicated and simple, at the same time.
It’s in layers, like the onion is in layers too, the more you peel away the layers, the more you cry uncontrollably… cause of the chemical that the onion emits into the air, that irritates the eye, and forms tears.

There’s many narratives, that effect your working mind, whether it’s a total suspension layers of emotions, and stunning you, so you can’t think without a greater effort.

I theorize by habits on everything, I could be wrong, but in my mind, I’m not, but there is room for errors, but I saw a virtual something flash by my thoughts, and then I theorize about it, and come up with my own narrative.

As we all do, which makes this world weird and beautiful with a diversity, and spices of uniqueness, makes it a great dish to eat… I take apart my life, and cook a great meal… that’s Mike McFee’s influence on me… he was a cook… and a shopper too, he was always looking at prices, while we walked through a grocery store.

The consumer narrative is in those layers too, and the size of decreasement of the container size, though by an 2oz – 4oz, it seems so subtle a change, that you don’t notice it, but the corporations that do it, make more profits.

Which brings up the greed narrative, that is based on profit, with ads and selling time… this is getting too complicated, even for me.

Every layer is minutely connected to another layer, with nodes, instead of chemically molecular.  See I’m mixing metaphors, virtual worlds with physical worlds. I wish I could stay in one world.
Then it would be simple… and make sense to me…
I don’t know how, it could make sense to anyone, by my articulation of words.

We are all like bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. in a Petri dish, and we all are very different, and have very different views from our perspectives. But no one is king, queen, leader or ruler of our freedoms, but our minds, are the house, that governs of our decision making powers of freedom.

And all the metadata that fills our heads and minds, makes it even more decisive over complicated theories and resolvements, that we have to figure out, and is included with all the negative data too… such as falsehoods.

We walk into walls to guide us in our blindness of the truth, like rats in a maze, looking to get out.

It’s like Voltaire’s Good Brahmin story, there are people that are blind, and are satisfied not carrying the whole picture of their lives, with ignorance as their clothes, cause it’s lightweight wardrobe, and there are those who want to know everything about a subject, and aren’t satisfied with the little the blind(Ignorance) knows.

Voltaire calls it simpleton, instead of the ignorant one, and goes on calling the Brahmin the knowledgeable one, but that is a heavy load wearing the crowns of ego and pride to be happy… but he touched on our “pursuit of happiness” and our freedoms, and liberty from British colonialism in our revolutionary war.

What is Happiness?

I have often wondered that, and I feel if I found true love, then I would be happy, but that never happened.
I mean I had relationships, that were a lot of work, and sometimes pulling in different directions with the courses of your lives, so you needed to leave slack in the line of your connections, so that you didn’t destroy your connection with divorce or breakup.

I’m just philosophizing now, and my mind is wandering like a moth at the light… trying to find some wisdom to end this post, but alas none is here.

So C ya. 😀