Neuralink ???

Neuralink Is Something
That Promises Everything,
And Gives Nothing,
But Telepathy To Monkeys


Telepathically playing video games with other monkeys… so we all are dumb and stupid… we are all monkey’s at first, if you’re a believer in evolution.

Neuralink is a corporation that was founded by Elon Musk, to be a better defense against AI speed and intelligence.

This is a video masking their real reasons for this breakthrough,
more power over the human soul,
by decorating it with good intentions, as their agenda…
and we all know the road to hell
is paved with good intentions.

It makes the person getting Neuralink, vulnerable to hackers, and the malevolent attitudes of today’s hackers, it makes being mind hijacked a danger for us all… not just the invalids with damaged spinal neural connections… know it’s goes both ways, not just one way, as it is today.

It gives you a connection to your own mind, to be hacked for their sick agendas… if it gets out, the secrets of the Neuralink data, then they can code a virus to effect your mind’s data… and rewrite your mind’s virtual databases.

So, if the secret data/coding gets out of control of the Neuralink’s Corporation, and gets into malevolent hackers hands and minds, then they open our personal minds open to the world of hackers… and they can plant viruses, and rearrange the data at will of our mind’s databases.

God leaves us to be free, and to make the changes ourselves… sometimes we need help, but Neuralink is one thing that I don’t want, instead what I want, is my head and my heart, to think about the changes being made, and I want to rule the changes.

Not by Neuralink or some other hackers to rule the changes being made… they have a secret agendas going on… as all corporations do… mostly profit margins.
It’s a sort of brainwashing… to manipulate into doing what the dark forces want you to do.

I don’t trust the dark forces to do what’s right for my being, or to do what’s right for them… they need the light and the right, to see and to paint… you need both the light and the dark to make a clear picture, with the proper contrast settings.

All the details are revealed with the proper light, and aren’t darkened with the shadows… of the world, which are magnified by the media in the TV news, and used for manipulation of the masses.

Another brainwashing aspects of manipulation tactics… commercials when I was young, and saw they say the same thing over and over again, so you don’t have to think on your own… only have to think of your choices that you have.

It’s all brainwashing… life itself… some get dirty and tainted, while some get cleaned by brainwashing… it’s all brainwashing in the end… but God is in charge right now, and one that’s free, and doesn’t require a price to chain us to some advertisement for the corporations/religions.

I see a darkness, that comes before the storms of change come.

This following Video sparked this post about Neuralink…
and its dangers and privacy involved.