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Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror

black mirror

— Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror —   I just binge watched the Black Mirror. Season 4 and half of 3, and was left with a weight of indifference that made me think about life, to the point of not caring. Also there was Matt Damon look alike, named Jesse Plemons. He was …

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Lust is Rust to Love


— Lust is Rust to Love : A Relationship in Danger —   Every relationship is a new vehicle to carry you both to your destination. The rust starts to form from the first sexual encounter. You need to check the progression, and stop it in its tracks. You need to oil it with the …

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Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind


Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind   I had a revelation, when I was watching this Video, of our relationship between machines and humanity. It was when he discussed leaving machines dumb, and like tools that we use. Once they become sentient, we feel it’s becoming everything against our very nature.     Much …

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Old Time Religion a new Way to Understand

— Old Time Religion a new Way to Understand — 10/04/2016 I‘ve been thinking about what I wrote last night, and everyone is different, and that’s what makes our world so beautiful, besides the scenery. So, my way of thinking is heavy and burdensome, and if I imposed it on you, I’m sorry. I tend …

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Legions of Anonymous Followers

— Legions of Anonymous Followers : Radical Followers —     Though I agree with Anonymous, I see it as another party that wants control of your minds. It’s the seeds of corruption again, calling you to blame the govt. Know that what you judge, will judge you again in the end. It’s a vicious …

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Stairway to Heaven

— Stairway to Heaven, at least they added vocals —   I listened to the song by Spirit called Taurus, and the song Stairway to Heaven. There is also another song by Bach – Bourree in E minor that sound familiar to both those songs. I guess Bach is not around to collect royalties. His …

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Young is Vigorous, Old is Decrepit

hackers - young is vigorous, old is decrepit

— Young is Vigorous, Old is Decrepit — When I was young, I was like a fireball, going from one thing to another. That began to fade, when I moved to Montana, and I’ve been fighting alone. Young is vigorous, old is decrepit and wise, but what do you get with wisdom? I’ve become a …

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Cars that Drive Themselves

— Cars that Drive Themselves : A recipe for disaster —     Making the PCs and Macs of the world in control of the cars, another freedom we should give up to make the world a safer place. I would say it’s alright for public transportation, and maybe a few taxis, but being the …

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Growing Old

— Growing Old and Older by the Minutes —   It Sucks… it doesn’t get any better. Life, just left me depressed all the time. I was suicidal the first part of my life, and alcohol left me with many pains. It was life in general, not any one thing, but conglomerate of many problems, …

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Life as a Meal

— Life as a Meal —  Life as a meal, when you eat a meal, you live through birth unto death.   There are many births and deaths in your life, every day is a birth and every night is your death, that has been said over and over by many people, now I join …

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