Stairway to Heaven

— Stairway to Heaven, at least they added vocals —


I listened to the song by Spirit called Taurus, and the song Stairway to Heaven.

There is also another song by Bach – Bourree in E minor that sound familiar to both those songs. I guess Bach is not around to collect royalties. His Spirit has left him. I wonder if he was a Taurus by birth. He was Aries, he missed the Taurus by a few weeks.



To see a compilation of Led Zeppelin’s plagiarisms click here.


There are so many songs being ripped off. It keeps the songwriter in check, at least the ones who want to rip off the public with other artist’s songs.

It may be the original classical artists being ripped off, but their in the public domain now.

Here’s a compilation of songs that have been ripped off…



I would like to set straight that the originality of music is the artist’s choice. Whether the inspiration is by another artist or not, you have 12 semitones between octaves of the same note. It’s hard to be original.

Modern music is an arrangement of the same rhythms and 4 note chord progressions. There have been thousands of songs that sound the same. Usually it’s the rhythms and the percussion pieces that make the modern songs unique.

You can rearrange 11 notes only so much to call your own… since music started back in history, the theory of rearranging notes to sound original from the beginning of notation, until now in the digital domain, has reached it’s peak about 5 decades ago.


I’m 58 years old, and I’ve heard a bunch of regurgitated cord progressions since I was born. I used to fall asleep in bed with those old earphones that go in the ear, and listen to AM radio. The days have changed, for the betters I think.

The thought of music being owned just threw a wrench in the machine cogs of the music industry. They’ve been hurting for over a decade, or two decades. Seeking to complete keeping copyrights alive and profitable, but those are going to drown with the disappearances of solid land to stand up on.

I see the music industry being a ruins by the end of this century. The independent artist taking control of the ruins of the labels. The parasitic nature of the labels will go into oblivion, and the parasites will change and become a better product of society. At least I can hope and dream that will happen.

I’ve always enjoyed the old and new playing together, but because of Copyright and the parasites you have to go to youtube to watch it, 2CELLOS – Whole Lotta Love vs. Beethoven 5th Symphony

Hopefully someone will take the power from the labels, and make music free again. Free the music from the egos and penny pinchers.

“Nobody owns music, music is a gift of the gods.”  — unknown