Life as a Meal

— Life as a Meal —

 Life as a meal, when you eat a meal, you live through birth unto death.


There are many births and deaths in your life, every day is a birth and every night is your death, that has been said over and over by many people, now I join the chorus of people.

The first bite is the miracle of birth, and the journey down the throat is the infancy stage, and the further down the throat you progress to maturity, at the end of the throat is puberty, and you have the stomach to enter.

Getting through puberty is a world of danger with stomach’s acids refining with trials and failures to refine the impurities out of you. We have many trials and errors that make us feel sick and want to give up in our teen years, but we have to go on and reach our early adult years.

The stomach years is our maturing and refining our character, or just hopelessly giving up years. I’ve had the blessings of both in those years, cause hopelessness is just a blessing in disguise, you feel like cursing God, but you commune with God one on one, and that is the blessing.

You are so mad at God, but God doesn’t speak in words, God speaks with silence. God enlightens you with understanding, through silence.

That is God’s love, God is patient and God’s patience is merciful.

I’ve had my shares of God’s patience and mercy, it never gave me indigestion, I gave myself indigestion with worries, and when I stopped worrying the clouds of disappointment dispelled.

Now into the bowels of early adulthood, where more refinement is going on through the small intestines where the early adulthood is taking from you the nutrients, your talents that either succeed or is just a failure, that you must overcome, cause just giving up is the worst and final failure, it causes blockage and surgery needs to be done.

Suicide is usually the surgery, and the doctors don’t want that kind of death on their hands, so when the going gets tough, hang in there, it will pass. Eventually it get’s better, if you’re willing to learn from your experiences.

Whatever your job or career, you give back to the world, the other organs of your body, the nutrients that keep them alive and healthy.

Then you enter into old age the big intestines where the water/strength is drained and the feces is formed, you don’t need to fear the rectum, which will dispel you from the body as waste. If you had good experiences from the body’s journey, you should be thankful for the opportunity of life and it’s end.

Which is another beginning/birth/reincarnation on another level, depending on what you believe.

I hope this didn’t give you indigestion, it might’ve been hard to swallow, but all new births are hard to swallow. Your experiences are your nutrients that you share with the other organs, remember that, and don’t worry, be happy.