Legions of Anonymous Followers

— Legions of Anonymous Followers : Radical Followers —



Though I agree with Anonymous, I see it as another party that wants control of your minds.

It’s the seeds of corruption again, calling you to blame the govt. Know that what you judge, will judge you again in the end. It’s a vicious circle the circle of judgment.

God got trapped in that whirlpool in the Old Testament, with the story of Noah, and a few other stories. Then Jesus came, and Muhammad came, and it became clearer. Mankind is the hopeless blamers, and love is their only hope, or the anger of hatred.

Why God put these two at odds with each other, love and hatred, is beyond me.

I’m not radical. I’ve been battling that my whole life. I could blame everyone without effort it seems, but I like to be rational, and have clarity in my thoughts.

Soberness is my key to rational reasoning. I could be drunk, but that doesn’t do anyone any good. It would solve my aches and pains, but the future I fear in my complacency. The pleasantness makes me lazy, and uneasy. Money doesn’t buy you happiness, it’s a burden. You could say it’s my cross. To be a consumer without merit.


Corporations and the Incorporating of Washington DC

Corporations like that, cause it fills their profit margins with the moolah they crave.

Washington D.C. is a corporation that occurred back in the ancient times of our country. Since we incorporated the city of federal power, what’s to say that the govt did not marry fascism. Fascism was a cute little filly.

We dabbled in the mediocre of evils to perfect the systems. We married communism with the setup of the Social Security system. Our govt is the whore of Babylon, marrying everyone it fancies.

That’s the line of Anonymous, trying to sway you emotionally to their side.

I forgive that’s the difference between me and Anonymous. Forgiveness is the way of hope. Anonymous likes hopelessness, and I like hope.


Fascism and Democracy

We create the scenery by our words, and we can make it ugly, or beautiful.

We can paint an ugly scene or a grand majestic scene, by what we say.

I spoke some ugly words backed up by ugly thoughts, but when I realized that it wasn’t true, I felt ashamed.

God was repentant too, but not sinful. When you create sinful creatures, it’s hard not to feel like you sinned yourself. My views of God is very different from the modern Christian views. I’m a true friend to Jesus. The way he saw God, is the way I see God.

God is spirit, and since no one agrees what is spirit, I’ll leave it at that.


Corporations are our govt now, and they won’t go away. They’re trying to get a vote as a person recently. Once that facade is taken as a credit, then we’ll become fascist state. Democracy is what we claim now, but it can be bought and sold with whoever offers the highest bid.

I follow the corporations message of Anonymous, but not against the corporations per se as a whole. I just think they have too much power over govt policies, but they don’t think so, cause they want more and more.

Look at DARPA and the likes, they’re fueled by the corporations. To supply them with more power.

Govt and Corporations in bed together. What’s different from this scene and fascism?


Anonymous’ Outlook and Rationalism

Democracy, Federalism, Republics, Communism, Totalitarianism, Fascism, Socialism, etc., we have many forms of govt to choose from. It makes the perfect system that we chose the system that fits the build. We have the freedom to choose what works, and when it works.

Anonymous views is locked in a totalitarian way of life where they dictate their narrow view of life. They dictate wars at their whim, so what’s different from their views with the current powers views. They want chaos, and they would thrive in power on that chaos.

The people are dumb… sorry but it’s true. I’m not politically correct. The politically correct minded are the major contributors to that dumb mindedness of the public.

I’m not smart by any means, but I hold my own against the next man. I don’t fear, and that’s the danger. Cause when I meet someone that doesn’t fear too, we are at odds between each other. I’m a die hard pacifist, and wouldn’t cause them any harm. So, I’ll probably put my tail between my legs and cower off.

It’s a waste of time. Where disagreements escalate, where we are talking to succeed at domination, rather than what’s right. We don’t listen to the other, we only want to win the argument.

That’s where I’m a pacifist. I’m not going to convince you of seeing it my way, if you don’t want to see it my way.

It’s just a lot of wasted words.

Anonymous is a collective, rather than an organization. There are more like me, than the rigid mindset of the legion that dictates that lame motto. “We don’t forgive”


To forgive, or not forgive, that is the question

To be or not to be, I lifted this phrasing from Shakespeare. He went on to say

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And, by opposing, end them.

To be, is interchangeable to forgive.


Remember I’m a pacifist, but not a coward. I will confront them with my views, and when it turns into an argument, I’ll see my defeat and leave. Mainly, that is why I retreated to Montana, and started this blog.

I don’t throw it in your face, saying this is what I believe… believe it or die.

You can believe whatever you want, and you can say whatever you want too.

That’s what America is for. True freedom, before it got wrapped up in democracy’s arms, trapped in bickering between each other.

To forgive is the way to hopefulness. Not forgiving, is the slip of the soul trying to get out of the rut of hopelessness. You choose what’s best for you.