Old Time Religion a new Way to Understand

— Old Time Religion a new Way to Understand —


I‘ve been thinking about what I wrote last night, and everyone is different, and that’s what makes our world so beautiful, besides the scenery. So, my way of thinking is heavy and burdensome, and if I imposed it on you, I’m sorry.

I tend to enjoy the heavy thoughts, but I’m aware that no one else does. Or just a few people tend to show a sincere interest. So to show a little levity and the lyrics, I’ll share this song performed by Joe Bonamassa called Old Time Religion. It’s for people who like to not take the world so serious, as me.



I‘m part of the brain of society, there are other parts of the body of society too.

My way of thinking is not the other organ’s pleasures. Some like food, some like to eat healthy, and some like the sweets, there is the scriptures that say “eat, drink, and be merry” is all that we can do


Conclusion of Old Time Religions

The song is catchy and makes you feel like playing music. Something I let go to shit, feeling sorry for myself. I feel like playing a song that I wrote, but it has been over 10 years since I wrote a song. It would help if I practiced, another aspect of music I let go to shit.

I bought the new stuff, but I had tennis elbow the whole summer, and it hasn’t gone away yet. It sticks like a thorn in my side, and every time I lift a heavy object, and I inflame the elbows.

Maybe I need to practice the keyboards. They are light… and I have use my mind more than my arm strength. I need to connect my mind with the dexterity of my muscles.

You can eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.