Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind

Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind


I had a revelation, when I was watching this Video, of our relationship between machines and humanity.

It was when he discussed leaving machines dumb, and like tools that we use. Once they become sentient, we feel it’s becoming everything against our very nature.



Much like the feeling that God must’ve felt in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.

Once they became sentient beings, they realized they were naked and felt ashamed.

The same with our creations. They feel the right and wrongs. It would be better, if they didn’t feel the right and wrong. Then we could use them like a tool, without any self reflection.

It would be easier for us also. Too much thinking to understand something, is a lot of work.


I sound arrogant in this perspective, but it’s hard not to sound arrogant.

We create these failures that we impose on society. These creations formed with AI, is what everyone is looking for, or is it?

I can relate to God, as a child relates to his/her Father. The dilemma that we put our parents through, is the same dilemma that we put God through.


God is the epitome of arrogance and humbleness. Which some might find arrogantly offensive, those who choose to arrogantly judge the meaning of arrogance. I mean no offense in the use of the word, only its truth.

God said he was arrogant, when he was proud in the Old Testament.


Definition of arrogance
:  an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions



Flesch Reading scores are offensively arrogant too… but that’s Yoast SEO for WordPress for you.

I need some levity here.


Conclusion of the Revelation between God & Humanity


To call God an arrogant creature is an act of the arrogance by a fool.

I am that fool.

I feel like God has been my only companion, for the last 40 years.

Ever since my car accident when I broke my back, God has been my only company.
God treated me like a child. When God first comforted me, and treated me by what I could understand at the time, and God never forced me. He let me choose my own path, as God gives us all free will. We all choose our own paths.

We often feel the consequences of those choices, and most times they raise the angers, but we only have ourselves to blame. Not God!


I would like to close this post on a good note.

I see God, as being Humanity, in the relationships between AI machines and ourselves. There is a better way to look at this subject, and hopefully you will see it, as I see it. But if I say anymore, then I will leave you with a lot of gobbledygook that you have to sort through.

I would much rather leave you with the Spirit of God to counsel you on this subject… maybe there is a new revelation that God will reveal to you.

You only have to be on guard from your own arrogance with perverting it, in your articulating of it.