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Wheelchair’s COG (Center of Gravity)

wheelchair's cog

— Wheelchair’s COG (Center of Gravity) : 40 years Dilemmas —   I‘ve been in a wheelchair for 40 years this Summer in July, and the wheelchair’s COG (center of gravity) has taken a back seat to making the wheelchairs lighter. Also, I’ve learned that the center of gravity is the reason for the chair …

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Egos of the Artists are Dangerous Things

— Egos of the Artists are Dangerous Things — 11/01/2016 Mutating DNA is a cancer to the body. Why not the artists to the culture? The artists may be the tumors in a society. They try to be sweet like the fermenting sugars. That was proven to be all tumors in 1931 by Dr. Otto …

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Old Antibiotics and Tennis Elbow


— Old Antibiotics and Tennis Elbow : Spaghetti Squash — Update: It seemed it didn’t work, my hopes were dashed. I stopped wearing the braces, now my right arm is now in full blown tennis elbow pain. The left arm is fading from the pain. Tennis elbow is a dickhead. So this post was a …

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Cyborgs will be Hackable

— Cyborgs will be Hackable —   The thought of with the many medical devices and implants that are available nowadays, I’m wondering if we are making ourselves cyborgs. The collective mind from Star Trek the New Generation, are we becoming like the Borg? “Resistance is futile”     Nanoprobes are microscopic machines that inhabit …

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15 years now, I’ve been thinking of flushing

— 15 years now, I’ve been thinking of flushing out my liver and gallbladder —   UPDATE: I did the black walnut drops, and it effected my pancreas… it gave me pains after 2 weeks, so let that go as a caution to you too. I experimented on myself. The pancreas is in charge of …

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Extraordinary Disabilities

— Extraordinary Disabilities —   This man’s face was burned off by electrocution, and he lived to one day he had an operation to restore his face. Dallas Wiens was grateful for the chance to serve others, I imagine his trials, become burdensome more than not, but he has a commendable attitude. Fight strong and …

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Reverse Paralysis

— Reverse Paralysis — It’s about time, somebody from the medical field is doing something about it, we’ve had a cure for cancer since the 1920’s too, but we acidify the blood with chemo injections. We had the stem cell research on the table, where the cell could form at will into any other cell. …

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