15 years now, I’ve been thinking of flushing

— 15 years now, I’ve been thinking of flushing out my liver and gallbladder —


UPDATE: I did the black walnut drops, and it effected my pancreas… it gave me pains after 2 weeks, so let that go as a caution to you too. I experimented on myself. The pancreas is in charge of making enzymes to regulate the sugar levels of your blood, according to the internet.

I still haven’t done the flush… but I tried to do the prep work, it’s summertime … I will do it cause I have gallstones and I want to flush them.



    The playlist above is the many directives for doing a liver flush and a gallbladder flush, I was told I had gallstones in Alaska, much to my surprise.

    When I moved to Montana, I met a worker/carpenter that did the flush, and he said he drank the olive oil, and laid down for about an hour…and he sat on the toilet for the rest of the night. It’s supposed to rid your system of stones that develop from the biliary sludge. That could develop in the liver and pancreas too.

    From what I understand of the liver it purifies the blood, along with the kidney and the lungs. After he said he looked in the toilet and saw all the stones that have formed over the years, he said there were many even thousands, but he said he felt like a new man after. So, I’ve been seriously doing it, after I heard that.


    I need three days out of commission for that procedure, cause I have a serious problem with holding bowel movements, cause of my disability, I don’t feel a thing and can’t move below my belly button, about an inch above my belly button where it starts.

    So laying down first, may get it started… but I move very slowly, I think I’ll lie down for 30 minutes instead. I like the constipation, but I like loose firm movements too. Well, whatever it is, I hope I feel better after this movement.

    In case you didn’t go through the many videos, this deserves the info this doctor explains about the gallbladder… so it’s a welcoming advice.