Extraordinary Disabilities

— Extraordinary Disabilities —


This man’s face was burned off by electrocution, and he lived to one day he had an operation to restore his face. Dallas Wiens was grateful for the chance to serve others, I imagine his trials, become burdensome more than not, but he has a commendable attitude.

Fight strong and grow stronger Dallas.




This guy has a extraordinary trial to overcome, bless him, really. I would be cursing at the top of my lungs, if I had to deal with this. He seems to be blessed beyond compare, I would be honored to meet him in the future.




This couple is challenging each other and are looking to adopt children. I wish them well, with a good life and family. They have enough troubles without having to go it alone.




This woman has two vaginas, one orifice but two inside… I can’t imagine her pains.

It seems that there is more that’s going on that we can’t see.




A girl who cries blood at various times, where the bloods seeps through her skin at times, and people say she’s possessed, and some say it’s a stigmata. I say there is a cure, we just don’t know what it is, yet.



These people are weird, but admirable for their attitudes on dealing with that they have to deal with.

I wouldn’t do half as good, not with anger management problems I have.