Wheelchair’s COG (Center of Gravity)

— Wheelchair’s COG (Center of Gravity) : 40 years Dilemmas —


white-male-1748821_640I‘ve been in a wheelchair for 40 years this Summer in July, and the wheelchair’s COG (center of gravity) has taken a back seat to making the wheelchairs lighter.

Also, I’ve learned that the center of gravity is the reason for the chair turning freely without friction. If the center of gravity is where the chair will tip over backwards easily, it turns effortlessly. The thought of making a lever where we sit in the chair, and making the COG adjustable hasn’t been a big thing in the mind’s of wheelchair designers.

Seems like it has been in a very few minds. Where they would move the seat platform, instead of the wheels. One that I never thought of.


The center of gravity is one idea that has marveled me for a few years. When I was confronted with it, I ordered a new wheelchair in 2009. I’ve heard of it before, but I never understood it. I learned about it, when I needed it.

I had a hard time getting off of the toilet where I would strain, and almost fell on the floor.

When I saw the wheelchair Walter with the adjustable seat. I’m wondering why it hasn’t been a norm in the US market.




You could make the wheel mounts where they’re adjustable in minor increments. Like a rail along the frame with teeth that would lock the wheels, and make a final lock as a closing lock. It’s all in the design.

The patent hungry parasites is what makes the medical industry greedier and greedier.

To come up with the design that works, and sharing it with the world for free. Patents are for the inventor, everyone else is a thief.

There it is, I said it… the thievery of corporations