Old Antibiotics and Tennis Elbow

— Old Antibiotics and Tennis Elbow : Spaghetti Squash —

Update: It seemed it didn’t work, my hopes were dashed. I stopped wearing the braces, now my right arm is now in full blown tennis elbow pain. The left arm is fading from the pain. Tennis elbow is a dickhead. So this post was a waste of time, except for the gardening news.

I’m looking into Serenade by Bayer, for treating the powdery mildew for my , the only thing I would like to find a remedy that lasts longer. That you apply once a season, they say milk works well with killing spores. I learned that powdery mildew is a fungicide, and you need to attack the fungus or it will multiply.

I need to spray the powdery mildew pile of leaves with bleach or some other non toxic killer.

I looked into cornmeal for weed prevention too, it has a fungicide property to it also. I need to research more.

Old Antibiotics and Tennis Elbow


Taken from https://www.drugs.com

I found these old antibiotics called Doxycycline Hyclate, and started taking them. I noticed the subsiding of the tennis elbow pain, when I started taking the pills.

I’ve had tennis elbow since the first week of June. I didn’t find out about till 6/17 after waking up with painful throbbing.

So, I started looking at when I got the tennis elbow pain. It was about a week after, I was pruning by the hand without (clipper)pruning tools. The powdery mildew infected leaves, and my fingertips were saturated with the juice of the infected spaghetti squash vines leaves.


I‘m not a doctor, so it’s only my suspicions. There is no medical advice in this post, but just my suspicions.

The thought of tennis elbow, being caused by some infection from the outside world infiltrating my skin. Mainly, through my cuticles on my fingernails. It would explain my pain throughout the summer. The quick subsiding of the pain and it’s intensity, when I started taking the antibiotic pills. I’m only halfway through the pills, so I don’t want to get my hopes up.

I’m looking for long gloves, and I ordered these from Home Depot, before I found them cheaper here. So if you have Spaghetti Squash to prune, then you need to order these gloves, or something like them. I think the juices entered through my fingertips, though I felt a lot of skin pricks on my forearms from the pin like pointed thorns on spaghetti squash vines.


The Gardening Experience 2016

I got a lot of spaghetti squashes this year from two plants, and I got a lot of Zucchini fruits too, though some were deformed. They always shriveled up before and I never got Zucchini or Spaghetti Squash, but this is my third year farming.

And I got corn too, outside of the greenhouse. In the raised beds, that I built this year. Or I should say, I had built this year by other people.

I didn’t grow anything in the greenhouse this year beside the grapes, cherry tomatoes and the turmeric.

They came after the bloom in the Spring, and grapes started showing up. So we’ll start moving out of the greenhouse and plant them outside. They’re Vanessa seedless grapes and Niagara grapes, and I’ll move them outside since they’re a northern grape and survive down to -20 Fahrenheit. I think I’ll move them in the Spring, I’ll leave them in the greenhouse for the Winter this year.

I’ll cut back and try to start new grape plants this year too. I never knew it was so easy. That’s if everything goes as planned. I have to wait till they go to dormant mode, around October or November. Make the cuttings, and plant them in a pot. So when the spring comes they grow new leaves.

I need to train cordons making for easier harvests.

I need to read up on this… this started with sharing antibiotics and tennis elbow… and I went off on the gardening.