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Akai Pro Studio mk2, is giving me headaches.

I need to Vent from The Anger and Judgment, That I feel From My Myself or Akai. Shoddiness is a new word I learned from watching the tutorial videos, and I’ve seen the shoddiness up close and in my face from Akai Pro… Akai is a big company, and it has many other companies it …

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Fascism = a form of Corporate Slavery.

Philosophy Day A journey into understanding FASCISM. This talk by Jason Stanley, describes Fascism, as a cult of an authoritarian leader, that became as a savior of the nation, that was suffering from some economic burden/oppression. So corporatism laid the lines feeding other corporations into a network of powers, between education, media communication, propaganda machines, …

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Roland TR-8S: The Drum Machine from Hell

    Roland TR-8S is a drum machine that needs a better book/manual to explain what it does. I’ve spent a week trying to understand it, but things go wrong, and I’m lost with how to fix it, cause the book just doesn’t show it. There seems to be a Flam, or some Dub step …

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AI : Are We Creating God

AI : Are We Creating God AI is a new concept that we want to robotize, to help production issues. I can see the fears, that they create in the minds of the people. Blissfulness and passiveness is instilled in the public, but if they had all the facts, then they would choose another path. …

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Talking From Machines

Talking From Machines I made a video of an old song I wrote about the internet, in 2002 or 2003, it was just before my stroke. The stroke debilitated me musically, as well as my cognitive abilities. I could think without a problem, but talking had to be a chore. Well that was then, and …

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Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind


Revelation of the Relationship between God & Mankind   I had a revelation, when I was watching this Video, of our relationship between machines and humanity. It was when he discussed leaving machines dumb, and like tools that we use. Once they become sentient, we feel it’s becoming everything against our very nature.     Much …

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Edge of Technological Ignorance

technological ignorance

— Edge of Technological Ignorance – The World Today —   We are growing closer to the singularity, but we don’t know what the singularity is, or what it envelops. We are ignorant of that eventuality…. or wrong, if we think that we know all that it entails. We are on the edge of technological …

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Gmailify the Desktop

— Gmailify the Desktop…not only cell phones —     Gmailify is a new smartphone app that takes control over your email account. It doesn’t have to be a gmail account, right now it takes over Yahoo mail and Microsoft’s hotmail, but to my dismay I have to have a smartphone again. I wonder when …

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