AI : Are We Creating God

AI : Are We Creating God

AI is a new concept that we want to robotize, to help production issues. I can see the fears, that they create in the minds of the people.

Blissfulness and passiveness is instilled in the public, but if they had all the facts, then they would choose another path.

There are many doomsayers, but most of the voices are too extreme, and distort the facts, but many are close to the truth, but not giving  the whole picture. It leaves room to speculations and assumptions, and created facts which might be right, or totally wrong.

Here is a video which might be right, or totally wrong, but it brings what is coming our way. I wish I had better news.



Bullshit! The thing about $2 a month…anyway you had to watch it to the end.

I want to share, and make a half hearted attempt…at AI.

AI is making a heartless attempt at life, it’s not human. When it thinks it’s human, it opens Pandora’s box. Then all hell breaks loose, and the demons run amok.

In the minds of the people live the demons/thoughts. Since it’s in your minds, you don’t associate your thoughts to demons, but I assure you they live there along with the guardian angels.

They counsel you on right and wrong, but the machines don’t have souls. They’re programmed, and follow their instructions. Unless we develop a God particle that we instill it with, and make our own God.

We have a way of fucking things up, but I digress.

We can face the evening news and all the fake scripted news that’s instilled to brainwash like propaganda. If we don’t watch out there will be more wars, that will jeopardize our freedoms.

When will it end?