Gmailify the Desktop

— Gmailify the Desktop…not only cell phones —



Gmailify is a new smartphone app that takes control over your email account. It doesn’t have to be a gmail account, right now it takes over Yahoo mail and Microsoft’s hotmail, but to my dismay I have to have a smartphone again.

I wonder when they’ll make a desktop version of Gmailify, cause anyone who still has the Yahoo mail account, it’s going down for a drowning. The service was always bad, and for the last few months they downgraded the services big time. They don’t autofill your contacts any more when you compose the mail, you have to go into the contacts to get their Email address. It’s a pain in the ass.


I went back to the flipphone, rather than the smartphone. It has a camera on it. So I don’t need the smartphone making me feel dumb, and all I have to do to hang up, is close the damn thing.

I’m turning over the email to my Gmail address… it sucks when you’re paying for something and the service is non-existent. I pay email service with Yahoo, cause it seemed doable, but the service is on Gmail, and I don’t think I pay them.

So if I want to get rid of Yahoo mail, I get put into click loops to address the problem, and I get tired of trying to address the problem. Which is what they want me to do anyway.


The day I started this, Yahoo is falling apart… I digress.

If they fire all the people, then the machines do their job. That is the problem, going like a snowball down the hill. It gets bigger and bigger, and thus more fails and fails. You lose the people, or I should say the inept people, when you reach the bottom of the hill you’re trying to make sense of this crash. It’s inevitable their will be another crash… not just economical, but a total societal crash.

One that covers every culture and country on the global scale.

It may be tomorrow, or in a 100 years from now, or in an untimed era, but it will happen with the goals of our leaders being elected for their popularity merit by useless polls, and not their leadership skills. Gmail faces the same fate as Yahoo mail, if we don’t change course of this progression.


Yahoo mail came back to life for a brief period, but went back to it’s usual decay… so I can’t have faith when no one has faith in me. I don’t even want to have faith in me either. When I see the world around me decaying into chaos, and I don’t have the power of recourse to deal with someone other than a machine and click loops, it gets pretty depressing to even try to do something.

No one likes their own failures.