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When We’re Bitter

    This was done in DaVinci Resolve 15.   It’s FREE too. It has its pluses and negatives, but I’m growing more in love with it, as I figure it out. The only thing is the negative part of editing, it makes me want to express my extreme displeasure… but that doesn’t do me any …

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The Mind of Tomidjah … It’s Dark and Bright


— The Mind of Tomidjah … It’s Dark and Bright —   I feel like the twisters in this soul of Tomidjah, is tearing me apart. I’m an egocentric narcissist right now. I’m sworn to truth before God. It takes a toll on my body and my mind, which is me in total. The weather …

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We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question


— We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question —   I saw this Trailer Collateral Beauty. Though I don’t know what it’s about. The quote “we’re here to connect”, left me questioning, to what?     I‘m left to assume the story by the preview with my imagination. Imaginations can lie, or …

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Time is a Cross You Carry to the Grave


— Time is a Cross You Carry to the Grave — 09/25/2016 Time is something you carry to your grave. Also, time is a speeding comet, evading your reach and control. The speed of it goes by so quick, when you’re old, and slow when you’re young. I can’t get to the grave fast enough …

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The Big Picture

— The Big Picture of Life —   The big picture of life in general, covers so much area that the normal human misses the details, that need to be seen, if you ever will come to grips with what’s important. So much get’s buried or assumed to be wrong in the end, that turns …

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Tomidjah’s Rant #10 – My Imaginations

— My Imaginations — The imaginations contain every form of cognitive ability, it’s supposed to deal with logic, but it takes on the affective and melds it with the cold logic, that is imagination to me. Where fantasy seems real, and scheming  goes on, like talking in the mirror, where you imagine a conversation with …

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Drug called loneliness

— Drug called loneliness — I’ve done numerous mind altering drugs, but imagination and loneliness goes further than any drug. You need drugs when you are dead in the mind, it raises your imaginations from the tomb of unconsciousness. I mean a trip on drugs is scary to many, but enjoyable to me. But I …

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