When We’re Bitter



This was done in DaVinci Resolve 15.   It’s FREE too.

It has its pluses and negatives, but I’m growing more in love with it, as I figure it out. The only thing is the negative part of editing, it makes me want to express my extreme displeasure… but that doesn’t do me any good.

This is about the song, and not the Resolve15 program.


When We’re Bitter it brings to mind, the fact, that you can’t articulate what’s bothering you when you’re bitter. It just clouds the issues even more, when you’re angry.

Anger is a stifling emotion, but anger is a force in itself. It motivates things for change. Anger’s not good in any sense of the meaning, but it motivates people essentially.

So there is a positive side to anger, it shouldn’t be wild and free, otherwise it would be violent and cruel. Like having a rabid dog unleashed, and causing havoc in the neighborhood.

The universe, is in this song, thus the reference to  the space scenes during the break… I don’t want to tell you about the song. I’d want to let your imagination to be the interpreter.

Just enjoy the listening… it would be thanks enough