Drug called loneliness

— Drug called loneliness —

I’ve done numerous mind altering drugs, but imagination and loneliness goes further than any drug. You need drugs when you are dead in the mind, it raises your imaginations from the tomb of unconsciousness. I mean a trip on drugs is scary to many, but enjoyable to me.

But I don’t need drugs to live in a fantasy world, I don’t have a choice in that matter. I’m a living fantasy, and a conundrum at the same time, my imaginations rule my existence. My imaginations are cruel and abusive, but they are loving and freeing too.

I saw this video by Jason Silva at Shots of Awe called Drugs As Tools For Spirituality, it was well produced, but imagination is the key to reaching that secret, and solitude called loneliness is the drug that awakes your imagination.

I look to trip again, but a trip of full cognition, with a free imagination uncluttered by drugs, the only drug that comes to mind that of uncluttered loneliness. Pure solitude, from which my imaginations feed.

I don’t see that happening in this lifetime, but I’m on the lookout for it.

The thing with drugs, it is like artificial intelligence, it requires a machine to reach perfection, it requires a pill or drug in whatever form it is to reach utopia. I know God made it capable of us reaching that level of consciousness naturally, without artificial means, and that is called a “blessing”, and we receive it by grace.

I’ll keep trying to reach it naturally, but I can tell you it’s hard, the imagination suffers or is killed each day by the failures. I’m resurrected each day with a new imagination, a new day, to imagine what course is set by me, and the new failures or successes that I encounter.

I would like it to be delusional free, which is the danger of drugs, where you are aware, but overly aware leads to misconceptions or delusions, it is fun to be that aware, but you need to keep yourself in check. So I choose the pure way, but I’m not a prude, and I’m not against trying the easy way too, but only in a controlled moderation, as a science experiment.

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