Tomidjah’s Rant #10 – My Imaginations

— My Imaginations —

The imaginations contain every form of cognitive ability, it’s supposed to deal with logic, but it takes on the affective and melds it with the cold logic, that is imagination to me. Where fantasy seems real, and scheming  goes on, like talking in the mirror, where you imagine a conversation with someone.

If you say it doesn’t happen, then you’re blind to your own being, if you are so cold and logical like Spock on Star Trek. I ask you is it logical to feel nothing? You have to feel more than the physical realm, and emotions is the doorway to new levels of life.

It is the other senses, that feed imaginations.

Like taste, touch, smell, vision, and hearing, the five physical senses, there are I’m guessing that there are seven more that let us feel the spirit, and those are contained within emotions.

You feel emotional pain, so it would make sense, that there are other senses that feel on the emotional level too. It’s part of the human condition. I don’t know the other emotional senses, since everyone who has sought to label them, they all disagree with the labels.

I’m in the daydreaming mode or the other things I read, put me into this mode. I have my own theories about emotions and imagination, you feel the aspects of life with emotions, the emotions are pure energy that drives the imaginations. You have to have emotion to drive the thought patterns that occur during the imaginations. It’s like electricity to run the laptop, you have to have emotions to drive your search.

You don’t know the strength of emotions, cause it’s a virtual tangible object, it’s more real than you know.  Just because you can’t measure it, it’s not real…when mankind finds the realness of it, and it is quantifiable for mankind, things will change at blinding speed, but that’s eons away.

We have many more things to discover first, the first is to understand it, rather than control it.



The imaginations of mankind is the doorway to what we seek, and if a man or woman has the gumption to make it work, it will happen.

There may be many failures, this quote was attributed to Thomas Edison, but it was from an ad for GPU Nuclear Corporation in 1986 – “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

It took work to create inventions and took a lot of imagination too, because those inventions were formed in their imaginations. Now we work on inventions with 3D software, and virtualize it to perfection, before we commit it to the real world.

Imagination is the link to empathy too, it allows you to imagine how another feels. Imagination is what brings our spirit to the forefront of our minds, where we communicate with God, our mind and heart, I think the heart is more like it, where the emotions rule, the logic is in the mind/brain.

I’m just ranting here…



The spiritual connection is lost, we get sick and can’t heal, according to CG Jung, which is true by my experiences too. When I feel connected to the spirit of life, I feel fine… usually when I’m outside and away from this computer.

When I live life for a reason that doesn’t depress me, I feel great and healthy, it’s when I think of reality in this world, that I feel disconnected from the spirit of life, that I feel discontented physically and mentally.

But art is the great escape and opens the imaginative doorway up, and I’m fine again as long as I keep on living in a fantasy world, but that’s not the answer. I live in the clouds, but nothing get done. I make plans, but I need to enact them to make a difference.

It’s work to leave the imagination and to face reality, otherwise you’re just living on cloud 9, dreaming of the future. You are not alive, and since you’re not dead yet, you need to get off your butt and do something to make this a better world.

I’ll got to sleep and dream till morning and start the day over again.