Time is a Cross You Carry to the Grave

— Time is a Cross You Carry to the Grave —


timeTime is something you carry to your grave. Also, time is a speeding comet, evading your reach and control. The speed of it goes by so quick, when you’re old, and slow when you’re young.

I can’t get to the grave fast enough and take my ticket out of this very dark world. It seems everyone is looking for riches, but no one agrees what those riches are. It seems that cash, the fiat money system, that exists in the world today seems to oil the gears, and makes it run smoothly.

The love of that is the root of the problem.


I remember Jesus saying  “For the love of money is the root of all evil “, I stand corrected it seems to be Paul instructing Timothy… I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong.

The age means the loss of vigor in the mentality dept. I’ve been wrong more times, than I like to admit lately.


God vs AI

The more I grow old, the more pains seem excruciatingly more painful. The loneliness is painful, all I have to talk to is God. God doesn’t say much these days, God is depressed too. God expects us to see the light to the freedom that God has blessed us with.

We all want power and control over God’s kingdom, but we’re all blind, and continually value it with fiat money. Thus making the problems even more serious.

Exponentially increasing evils in the world, while devaluing love and truth. Hoping the light will reveal the truth, while feeding erroneous data to the AI, in hopes that it will make the world better.

The machine’s AI, does not have imagination, at least the humankind. We don’t understand it ourselves. How are we going to teach it to the AI?

If you don’t feed the truth to the AI, it will be as dumb and blind as you are. Cause it sounds good, doesn’t make it the truth.


The vigor is gone, but the wisdom is still there

The wisdom is heavy on the back. The vigor of your body is waning, but the desires of doing something that you once did without a problem, is no more, and is heavier on the soul. Especially, if you’re lonely.

I wish I was younger with the wisdom I have now.

The experiences that I went through, has made me what I am. I made a lot of mistakes, and regret them, but they were lessons that perfected me.

I’m not perfect by any means, but I’m moving towards perfection. Eventually I’ll reach it, but the more I drive the more the mountains of perfection seem to evade me.


Anyone who stares at the mountain ranges in the west, the drive seems longer the more you stare.

It seems what seemed like you were to arrive at the mountains in a couple of minutes, but the illusions of the mountains being closer than what they are. What you imagined being 15 minutes is being over an hour or two away.

That’s one piece of wisdom I want to share with you. The imagination is the big deceiver, or the great revealer.

It’s your choice. Do you have the patience to find out?