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The Reason Why I don’t like Trump : Why Not ?

trump's 100 days

— The Reason Why I don’t like Trump —   The arrogance of assuming 4 years to be 8 years, Trump is making himself King. A self elected fool, looking to con the people. The con is working, and the fools are swimming in a pool of fools.     “Our true nationality is mankind.” …

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Election’s the Big Global Scam


— Election’s the Big Global Scam : Fresh New Scams every year — 10/17/2016 Every year we go through an election of scammers and spammers. Who lie to make us feel better on voting for them. The lying is becoming a norm, and we are excepting them. We are being conditioned like some psychological experiment. …

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I watched the Movie “Spaceman”


—  The Movie “Spaceman”, and also watched the US debates — 09/28/2016 It was about a left handed pitcher named Bill “Spaceman” Lee. It was actually a true story, even though it was Hollywoodized. It struck a nerve with me, that even in Baseball, they blacklist you. Every profession is made up of a network …

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Worldly Election’s Gaffes fueled by the Media

— Worldly Election’s Gaffes fueled by the Mainstream Media — 09/15/2016 I came across this youtube video claiming that Trump said that half of Americans are lazy good for nothings. That they carry them into the future. He was as insulting, as the ‘deplorable’ comment by Hillary, which Mike Pence is seen at the end …

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Political Correctness is a misnomer

political correctness

— Political Correctness: a misnomer, more a political censorship —   Political correctness is a misnomer. It should be labeled as a political censorship. I saw today the head of the DNC resigned today, 2 days before the convention starts. Someone doesn’t like me, or my political views. They are attacking me and my other …

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Trumpmania : The end of rational Truth

— Trumpmania : The end of rational Truth and Accountability —     Trumpmania, the hype around Trump’s run for the U.S. presidency. Where it’s a true reality show, staged and hired. The protesters, I suspect to be staged, a common occurrence on reality shows, the Trump’s homeland along with real estate, gambling, and any …

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