Election’s the Big Global Scam

— Election’s the Big Global Scam : Fresh New Scams every year —


america-1312790_640Every year we go through an election of scammers and spammers. Who lie to make us feel better on voting for them. The lying is becoming a norm, and we are excepting them.

We are being conditioned like some psychological experiment. The dumbness is becoming a norm, and we go off on tangents with the group mind… peer pressures.

Where we choose the lesser of evils. When all our choices are predominantly evil. Rather, than a solid good. We choose the lesser of the evils, that we have to choose from. Thus, the conditioning effect.

 I’m not that stupid, or that greatly intelligent either, but rather I’m a normally minded person.

I was fooled for my whole life. That we choose the leaders of our nation. It was all linked to the banks, which are globally influenced.

I’ve been thinking of all the evilness inside of all mankind. It’s there, and we can’t deny it anymore.

We don’t have to accept it. We can fight it, and overcome it. It’s true.


Thus, the elections are a big scam, no matter who we choose, the same lies go on and on again. The same dictators around the world being condemned over and over again. We put up with their atrocities for the sake of peace.

Just forget our own atrocities throughout our history, cause we would have to humble our proud selves to be accountable to our own wrongs. We just elect a new bozo to do our bidding.

It’s a scam, a falsehood that we choose to believe every year that it will change for the better. I’m trying to communicate my views, they may be right or wrong. You decide. You vote.


Conclusion of the Elections Vote

We have in the US the two main choices, of complicit ignorance. Trump and Clinton, the two are extremely bad, if you ask me. I’m voting for Gary Johnson, though I have a problem with his consumption tax, and how he would enact that. Cause, I don’t see that as a solution, but I don’t know what it entails.

He’s dead set against the interventionist mentality of foreign policy. That is his strong suit, and the reason I would vote for him. The foreign policies of Hillary and the Donald, are just too extreme for my tastes. They are both very big liars too. Rather than feed the war machines run by the fuels of fear, I would feel safer with someone in charge taking care of our own backyard.

Rather, than intervening in the rest of the world’s backyards.


Election Day was written by Me and Mike McFee, and was done on a Korg M1 sometime in 1992, with the approaching 1992 election. Also the ousting of George HW Bush, and the installing of Bill Clinton. When I went with the “No Vote” principle. I wish I never left that principle.


 The Election Process

In conclusion of the scams called elections, I wish you well. Furthermore there isn’t anyone I would like to rule over us, cause it’s all oppressive. Who is the better liar? The complexities in this election process is astronomical and makes me feel helpless, which is the goals of the parties.

When the govt was run by the communist party in the USSR, they were the evil kingdom. We miss that cold war, and are again villainizing Russia and Putin. Which raises the foreign policies of Trump and Clinton

This is despicable to me, and I think that what goes on in our own backyard is the job requirements of president. This interventionist policy of both candidates is misguided. I side with the Monroe doctrine which was overthrown many times in these modern times. It was written to control the masses on either side of the conflicts between us, Latin America, and Europe.


With the rise of the internet, we are connected globally. Just because you can connect with someone on the other side of the world, you don’t know their cultures, politics, or religions, and you’re nothing but a loud mouthed asshole, if you say that you do. The foreign policies don’t take that into account, cause they’ve the media to sought that out.

The media is the creator of this mess. I’m just a normal slob that’s called a human being, but no one knows me better than me. I’ve been battling with my ego from becoming egocentric. It requires a balancing act, which I have a natural talent for, but even talent can’t save you from the inevitable. We all die.


 Of the 2016 Election

We can seek eternal life through medical means, but that is riddled with corruptive sludges that clogs up the gears of progress. I’ve seen it before and all my life, the gears of govt is riddled with dirty lubricants that wear down the gears. Corruptions are the dirty oils that we use. We have to stop making it OK, and address that issue, rather than sweeping it under the rug until the next election.

Whoever is picked as president, with youtubers speaking up about the elections., it’s a wonder that we have our own minds to make our own decisions. We are being programmed from youtubers, that think they’re celebrities, cause they have lot of subscribers. Where are they leading you, is the questions that I ask myself.

Google is just too big in my opinion. They are for Hillary too… well not all of them, just the big guys running the business.


Whoever is made president, I would like to make a declaration to wish I never made a vote in 2008 for Obama, and 2012 for Ron Paul. I’m voting for Gary Johnson this year. In fact, I wish everyone would upset Hillary, and vote their conscience, instead of their popular choice.

We follow the crowds like birds in flight. There is no leader, except the crowd. The group mind is easily manipulated. The crowd mentality is easily swayed. Don’t be conditioned to vote, it’s a nightmare to get out of. Now, I feel like I have to vote, to say anything about it.

Which is why the electoral process was setup, but they quickly figured a way around that, the mainstream media.


Last Words of Last Week Tonight

It was nice when I never voted. I’ll choose the lesser than 3 evils this time… I won’t pick Hillary or Trump… or maybe I’ll vote for myself. I’ll still leave it up in the air… and hope it falls true.