I watched the Movie “Spaceman”

—  The Movie “Spaceman”, and also watched the US debates —


It was about a left handed pitcher named Bill “Spaceman” Lee. It was actually a true story, even though it was Hollywoodized.

It struck a nerve with me, that even in Baseball, they blacklist you.

Every profession is made up of a network to rid the world of errors. The only thing that is unknown, is that the judges, are in the dark about their own future.

Here is a piece about the real Bill “Spaceman” Lee.


I thought it was worth the watch, but I didn’t know it was a true story, till it was about to the end. Where the real Bill “Spaceman” Lee appeared in the movie voicing of what he has been up to. I didn’t like the ending of the movie, cause I wanted it to go on with a better ending.

Here is the trailer of Spaceman.



Conclusion of the Spaceman (Me)

To end this rant, as all I write are rants.

I also saw the debate debacle of the presidential candidates last night.

Trump is so uninformed, and has his priorities all screwed up. He reminds me of someone with a fishing pole with a wad of cash as the bait.

Hillary is hillary, the queen of liars, and has a lot of good ideas, but the goal of completing those ideas, are dead and buried. She has to stop lying, and stop nervously and hysterically laughing when she is challenged with lying.

I’m going to vote for Gary Johnson, even though he didn’t know what Aleppo was. He was in the acronym state of mind. I would rather dealing with someone who is honest, saying that he didn’t know, and looked up the problem after he was confronted with it.

Instead of the Trump’s self centered response of blowing up IS(daesh), and the response from Hillary that sanctions work, and create more rebels, in that you lie about your enemies.

Gary Johnson has a lot of parasites looking to capitalize on his election, but the asses and the elephants have been baiting us and switching us, since I was born to this farcical freedom.

We’ll try the new parasites… rather than the old fat parasites.

It’s a dream, that I wish I would wake up from.


It’s a rigged system. That all the presidential candidates, no matter what their party, are not included in the debates.

Let the people decide.

Gary Johnson giving his views