Political Correctness is a misnomer

— Political Correctness: a misnomer, more a political censorship —


Political correctness is a misnomer. It should be labeled as a political censorship. I saw today the head of the DNC resigned today, 2 days before the convention starts.

Someone doesn’t like me, or my political views. They are attacking me and my other sites, they managed to blacklist me with Spamhaus. Political censorship is what I’m being attacked for. I wish them all the hell that they wish me. I don’t accept it… and now you’ll be greeted with the truth, that will not be denied.

Chew on that for awhile.


I don’t like Trump, and I don’t like Hillary, they are the only two choices that were picked by the corporations… instead of the people. A conglomerate of corporations that are against me, and what I stand for.


Free music is what I’m fighting for. I see a point for the artists to make money from their songs, but the parasitic formation of the record labels taking a larger share of the profits. They pay the start up, but who made them God?

Paying 10% of the profits to the artists, and claiming 90% for themselves. It doesn’t sound fair. Maybe 20% for the songwriter, which is a little more fair. The fact that music is now streamable, which cuts down your overhead costs. Most music is downloaded now, but the same costs are applied to CD manufacturing, which are a lot lower to your costs.

The artists don’t see that, but your pockets do.



I should censor myself, or I would offend someone… but I don’t see it that way. In fact, I’m offended, but like I said I can’t handle the truth, if I’m offended by it.

It hurts, but I’ll heal. The truth is always good. It’s better than the sweet poison of lies, that turn your stomach when the truth is revealed. The labels are well known for that… the sweet poison of lies.


Kobalt music seems promising, but I only heard about them a few days ago. They give the artists full control of their music, but I see that as something that needs to be proven.

All the political correctness is a mute term according to Trump, the only thing I agree with him on.

Self censorship is the tools of fools and losers, which the Donald knows nothing of.

I’m a fool and a loser, but I’m waiting for my crown, cause I’ll crush it. Everyone should be a winner or a king/queen. The politeness of patronization is a pain in the ass, if it’s not heartfelt. It means you’re lying, and passing off your sweet poisons on the unsuspecting.

You destroy by your lies, and don’t save by the truth.