Trumpmania : The end of rational Truth

— Trumpmania : The end of rational Truth and Accountability —




Trumpmania, the hype around Trump’s run for the U.S. presidency. Where it’s a true reality show, staged and hired. The protesters, I suspect to be staged, a common occurrence on reality shows, the Trump’s homeland along with real estate, gambling, and any other vice you can think of.

I’m brought to visions of Hitler and Mussolini, and the con jobs that they committed on the German and Italian people. They were so blind to the dangers that they brought to their countries. I see crowds and the polls increasingly growing in favor of the Donald… uh the Don.

I feel so bigoted to judge the Donald, a bigot. We have to be prejudiced to judge another. Every 4 years we have to decide on our leaders. Which raises the prejudices in everyone with every debate, which has turned into a circus act with two rings, mainly the rings of republicans and democrats.

At least they don’t sell tickets, or I may be wrong, but it still seems to be free to be an idiot day, from what I’ve seen.

I repeat myself, unlike Trump… “I don’t repeat myself”


This Trumpmania that is breaking down the system to be bought and sold for salvage’s sake. We decide to trust a seller of wares for the sake of salvage. The logic is archaic at best, meaning the things never change, they are only repackaged as a new form, but with the same old shit.

One day we will learn that some man will not deliver us from our evils, only we can deliver ourselves along with God’s help, however you see God.

Respect the other’s views of God, cause they recognize a different view of God. There are so many views of God, but there is only one God.

The many religions that worship that one God, is only looking at a microscopic view of that one God, and all the makeup of that one God is only speculation or suspicions, cause you can’t contain an understandable theory of that one God.

God is vast as the universe, and Trump is an Atom in that universe… and subject to the natures of that universe, along with the rest of us.


God trumps Trump… it’s a fact of life.  Live with it, and stop this Trumpmania.

He’s not the new savior, the savior already came, as Jesus, and we killed him.

Love, truth, forgiveness, and sharing is the way to reach that utopia that we all seek, but you continue to seek that existence with money.

Buy and sell is the way to hell… the devil designed it that way. He sells it to every capitalist’s dream of the American way, cause he can’t understand the logic of letting go of what he doesn’t own. The communist’s dreams are not that far off from the capitalist’s dreams, they’re just as wrong… too extreme, and unbalanced.

We can have a portion of every nation’s govts, cause every nation’s govts is a part of the ruling govt of the world. They’re God’s design, and every govt has a voice over the ruling of the world. The New World order needs an overhaul. Where the ruling elite, needs to be as the poor people, by God’s hand.

Where the revolt’s are managed peaceably, but the poverty they caused is felt by them. Elitism in a cage of poverty, and hopefully, they will be humbled from their pride, and they’ll understand their wrongs. Understanding is the road to enlightenment.

This needs to be taken with a lot of salt to go down and digested, you’ll be better off from it. Trumpmania leads to war, and havoc, this is the reality of Trumpmania. It won’t unite, it will divide.


The Voice of the Trump would be attacker, he seems like fiery kid driven by his emotions, but in no way a loser, and very articulate, and is no way linked daesh(ISIS), which is what was suspected by Trump, and voiced over his tweet. Maybe he has a case to sue Trump for defamation, which would be a smart case to bring up against the Sue King.




I don’t favor the other choices over Trump, this has got to be the worst election I’ve ever seen in my life. Trump sees this as a business venture, like a real estate sale, and Bernie sees it as a “how do we make amends to the people” crusade, though he is too old and losing vigor as we speak. I’m wondering who will be his running mate, that will give weight to his nomination, and who knows what Hillary thinks? It’s best not to question her, cause she comes up with a different answer every time she speaks.

This is the land of freedom, not the land of fascism… though fascist’s have the freedom to rule, and we are conned every election by them. We put them in power every time. So, we need to look deeply at ourselves, and reach that easy peaceful feeling that we call enlightened.

I’ll just write in who I’m voting for, since I have that option in Montana, when the election day comes. I guarantee it won’t be Trump.