Worldly Election’s Gaffes fueled by the Media

— Worldly Election’s Gaffes fueled by the Mainstream Media —


I came across this youtube video claiming that Trump said that half of Americans are lazy good for nothings. That they carry them into the future. He was as insulting, as the ‘deplorable’ comment by Hillary, which Mike Pence is seen at the end of this video referring to. To Hillary, not Trump.



This is Mike Pence saying the same thing unedited about Hillary saying half of Americans were in the deplorable basket. They make the way for the media using their footage, to be edited and used for their own messages




I could look up the Hillary clip saying the deplorable remark, but what good would it do?

The mainstream media supplies the footage for editing of echoes of madness creations. Those producers are some sick people that are living in denial. That they’re ignorant to. Who me?

I’m getting depressed by this election, since I started voting for the first time in 2008. Obama for the first term, Ron Paul in 2012, and I deeply hate Hillary, and the Donald in 2016. I don’t know who to vote for. Since our democracy is selected by the parties, instead of the PEOPLE, I guess all hope is lost.

We wake to losing our freedoms everyday, and watching real life fools running for dictatorial offices and having authority over us. In the land of the free, and the home of the brave.


Conclusion of the Election Gaffes

This is just me blowing off steam on a rant.

You don’t have to agree with me or not. It’s me letting the steam out of me, before I blow up. If I didn’t, the anger I feel, would eat at me from the inside.

So, I choose to rant to get it out of me. See it as a feather in the wind.

Or another Election’s gaffes applied to me.