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Somebody Like Me

This song is singing about me. Chase McDaniel – Somebody Like Me I‘m feeling sorry for myself, in my narcissistic ways, and I’m tired, and I haven’t got more than 2 hours sleep, before I had to get up, and sign for the used MPC Live2 package from Fedex. I got it, but I don’t …

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Emotions Layers

Emotional Levels, are incorporated into different layers Emotions can be seen as a vibrational force, and time is involved too in the equation… but that confuses me now… so I’ll just deal with what I imagined about emotions on the philosophical level. I hope I articulate the thoughts I came up with clearly and understandably, …

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Amazon Prime Commercials = Boycott Amazon

amazon prime

— Amazon Prime Commercials = Boycott of buying from Amazon — UPDATE – I left Amazon with a note telling them I was displeased with their commercials, and I received this response apologizing patronizingly for me being bothered. Hello Richard, Thank you for contacting Amazon Digital Support. I understand your concern regarding commercials with Amazon …

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Brain Rain : When does it Mentally Rain

— Brain Rain : When does it Mentally Rain —   The brain rain, storms and drizzles, are compared to these stress periods that flood your life, and make you thirsty. The brain rain is compared to the stress periods, but you need stress to feel alive. The stress nourishes your needs, and makes you …

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Darkside Details


— Darkside Details : Force has both forces darkness and light —   The darkside gives details of the borders, and points out the differences between the light and darkness. If everything was light, we all would be blind, and if everything was darkness, we all would be blind too. The mix between the two, …

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Tomidjah’s Rant #6 – Brute force attack

— Tomidjah’s Rant #6 – Brute force attack — Well it was my first one, what’s the number of unsuccessful logins that determines a brute force attack? It seems that wave-max in Italy, I think it’s a hosting company, but they have spammers…it seems a network of spammers. I’m only one guy, that needs a …

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— Telekinesis ? —  Telekinesis is an idea that has mesmerized me since childhood, when I first was hurt, I tried to raise myself with my mind, cause I always like to fly like Superman, but to no avail. I think it will be found, we just don’t imagine it without technology present, or maybe …

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