— Telekinesis ? —

 Telekinesis is an idea that has mesmerized me since childhood, when I first was hurt, I tried to raise myself with my mind, cause I always like to fly like Superman, but to no avail.

I think it will be found, we just don’t imagine it without technology present, or maybe I’m imagining a dream.

I’ve looked for other videos on telekinesis, besides the Coffee Shop Prank, we had con men taking advantage of the ignorance of the subject. I found this one video someone practicing telekinesis as a beggar, he said it came from his heart and the brain, and more from  the heart than the brain.

 The feed on youtube by the poster it said: “…Later, I asked him how was he able to do that, and the answer was: “It comes from here (and pointed his chest), and also, but less, from here (and pointed his head)”…”

It might be a trick, I was amazed as the poster.

 It was like the Thai beggar’s card trick, so I don’t know if I believe the heart over the mind anymore, but this is a very classic trick. So far there are only two versions of this trick on youtube
 I found the trick by Criss Angel being revealed by this kid, and by me. Yay!

I hope the kid doesn’t take any guff by Criss Angel for revealing this trick, but there was a string involved.

With all the tricksters involved in tonight’s blog entry, I’m more confused then when I started, but I believe in telekinesis more, than I did before. I’m going to look to the heart more than the mind, it’s one thing I learned from this, I never tried that before.

I don’t know how to separate the heart from the mind, mankind has been trying to do that all of our lives. I wish you a heartfelt blessing into your lives.

I went from a 100 visitors to about 20+or-. since I weeded out all the sploggers giving me false data. I like the truth more than the numbers, so I feel really good about the low numbers.