Tomidjah’s Rant #6 – Brute force attack

— Tomidjah’s Rant #6 – Brute force attack —

access-data-436712_640Well it was my first one, what’s the number of unsuccessful logins that determines a brute force attack?

It seems that wave-max in Italy, I think it’s a hosting company, but they have spammers…it seems a network of spammers. I’m only one guy, that needs a lot of sleep.

I was going to go to town today and make my errand’s run, but when I got up I was side tracked into blocking whatever way I could, these spammers.


I was at peace with them, but when I found out they manipulated the traffic to other sites they invaded my space.

They started the war… with their spam attacks and unsuccessful logins.

I try to be peaceful, when I found out that the team of them hooked into me like leeches sucking the juices out of me, I determined I had to go to war to defend myself. I played the game they setup, and responded to their emails, but that was a mistake, cause they labeled me an easy target.

It seems Wordfence is a better security, than Sucuri security, they are in Italy too, but there is no record that I found in their logs. I think they rely on the cloud too much. Everything I found relying on the cloud, seems weak. I’m not sure I understand the cloud, except a virtual wormhole is the best I can explain it.

It defies understanding, eventually I’ll understand it, but like all newborns there is a maturing factor, and if history tells us anything, I wonder if it’s 18 years to reach full maturity…that’s a farce, I’ve seen old men act like an immature fool.

I needed to vent… I needed to vent this frustrations of not having time to go to town, with having to deal with this mess. I’m just one guy that is sitting trying to figure out what is strange to him, cause he didn’t start it.

The interent (Italian verb for rub, break or crumble) or a typo for the internet, makes me look at the internet a little differently now, cause I’m always typing interent for the internet. That brings up another rant on the internet.

This brute force attack made my life a bit hectic today…it wouldn’t be bad if I had someone to take care of it, I guess I do, but Wordfence is weak too, and Sucuri is weak too. I should be thankful to say the least, not to insult those companies, but I would like a foolproof system… that will never happen in my lifetime, but I can hope.

I guess we all are at war, with principles and powers that have authority over us.

Depending on what you believe, the powers over us are the governments in power dealing out their whims of authority, or the religions of the world dealing out their whims of authority, the borders of those 2 powers are becoming “cloudy” that the borders aren’t seen too clearly.

We know what comes from the mixing of politics with religion, … world war.

There is something we don’t agree on and religion and politics magnifies it to the point of delusion, it brings things in closer, but it excludes the whole picture. We lose sight of the whole picture and become so narrow minded that we create the delusions with our imaginations and assumptions. That’s my take on the whole state and religion stew, it makes a good movie, but you’re bound to piss someone off.

Well, I’m at the end of the rope of this discussion, with myself it seems…cause it’s a blog to vent my frustrations of the day.

I needed something to write today, so I guess the whole day was not wasted. I just wish I didn’t make plans to go to town today, cause I didn’t.