The CHOSEN… is a lot like White Supremacy.

I don’t mean to be antisemitic,

but where did that name come from?

I was watching the Deen Show, and Zionism was compared to White supremacy, usually orthodox Jews were against Zionism too, and he interviewed them on the streets of NYC.

I always questioned the term of where antisemitism, and where it came from. It was named for Biblical figure Sem, son of Noah.

Since the congress, just passed an Anti Semitic bill, and anyone criticizing Israel, and it is now against the free speech of the 1st amendment of US Constitution.
AIPAC funded the lobbies, that passed that.

Zionism is a lot like White Supremacy & the KKK, which was presented by the Deen Show… I’m not a fan of the Deen Show, they fall, and bow down to the money with ads.

But they brought up the correlations between the white supremacists and zionism, and made me think and search my mind for more correlations.

And I’ve come to the conclusion, that any racial bigotry is wrong, and should be illegal, cause if it’s ignored, than the terrorism starts against another race, with wars, and killings/murders after the threats of terrorism, again and again.

Much like the war by Israel, against Palestinians and Hamas.
Well, the bigotry is on both sides, and goes on and on, since the state of Israel was formed in 1948.

The UN ordained the state of Israel, after the UK, the colonial powers were chased out of there, passing the  ball to the UN on the statehood of Israel, but the Palestinians were stubborn, cause they felt they were robbed of the land… and just wanted the occupation to stop.

That’s the problem with the state of Israel, it came as an occupying force, instead of a peaceful neighbor. There were Jews living there before in peace with the Palestinians, there were a few sinners, on both sides of the fence, acting as agents of chaos.

It’s been a thing, since I was born, and I watched “Get Smart” on the TV in NYC every time it came on, it was when I was first heard the word “Chaos”.

It was an entertaining education of ideas, with my childhood growing up in Brooklyn, until I graduated from Catholic School at 8th grade, and then I moved upstate to the country, and started in public high school in Grand Gorge.

It was the bigotry of the Zionist movement, and that was the reason, I started this post, and I learned the meaning of that word watching the program “All In The Family”. Where Archie the star of the show, was the classic bigot, and the show was him, and all of his bigotry… in comical way.

I miss Brooklyn, it’s like you never know what you had in the last part of the 50’s – 60’s, and into the 70’s in upstate NY, in the country, with trees and mountains, and no longer the concrete skyscrapers..

It was a culture shock for me… people in the country, had a different way of talking, and they were always making fun of me, when I said water or car… cause I had a Brooklyn accent… well I learned to mask it, unless someone makes me mad. It always surfaces again, the Brooklyn accent rises.

I’m like Archie Bunker, I’m a bigot, and sensitive like Edith Bunker… all rolled up into one fleshy body, I’m a mess of a creation, I’m grateful for a forgiving and merciful God, cause I would welcome death as a form of parole from this prison, or solace from this painful existence.

I guess, I better get up… and take a break from writing this narcissistic dribble… cause I’m reflecting on my life, that’s all we have, is our thoughts, that comes from the grace of God… and our thoughts are to be acknowledged, as a gift of our individual freedoms… if you’re an atheist, then it’s not your time.

When the time is right, you will see the light… understanding.