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2Rains – Go Deep

2Rains – Go Deep     This was the first song I used a sample in. It was something I wanted to sound the same, so I made a small sample of the chorus guitar, and I used it. It was the first time I used it in a song, before I started using Acid, …

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Internet Connection Required : Before Buying

— Internet Connection Required to Run the Program —   I bought Corel Ultimate VideoStudio X10, cause I was buying a disk, that I could install it on another computer, that never saw the internet. I was wrong and received this email from Corel tech support. Charles Forte (Corel) Aug 15, 10:26 EDT Hello Rich2rain, …

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Deep Thoughts from Other’s Deep Thoughts

— Deep Thoughts from Other’s Deep Thoughts — 11/09/2016   These deep thoughts, make me want to share my deep thoughts as a rebuttal.  Though I agree with him on many levels, I also disagree with him on many levels too. The deepness of mind is a truly attractive aspect of humankind. One that I …

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Role Playing

— AI (Artificial Intelligence) Role Playing with Social Engineering — 09/05/2016   AI(Artificial Intelligence) is advancing at an intelligence progression greater than ours. They lack understanding, and our emotional intuitiveness, but the number crunching at speeds, are what we can only hope to achieve. They seem smart, but they don’t learn, at least for now. …

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Maze of Mazes… Mice on Earth


— Maze of Mazes … Mice on Earth —   The deep thoughts that go through my brain late at night. The human population on earth is compared to rats or mice in a maze. We gain knowledge which makes us delusional, or superior to our brothers and sisters. That is the classical delusion of …

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BreakOut of your Shell Breakout of your SHELL   Petals Fall to the groundthrough the passing of timeLike words on the pagesof reason and rhymenurturing the roots of your soulyou long for controlToBREAK OUT of your shellsaying only time will tell You keep on aching insidecause you gave the truth, but then you liedIts the balance …

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