BreakOut of your Shell

breakout of your shell
Breakout of your SHELL


Petals Fall to the ground
through the passing of time
Like words on the pages
of reason and rhyme
nurturing the roots of your soul
you long for control
BREAK OUT of your shell
saying only time will tell
You keep on aching inside
cause you gave the truth, but then you lied
Its the balance of power between humility and pride
when your hopping in the shadows as if you coud hide
BREAK OUT of your shell
In God’s time all is well
There are people on the left and one has fallen asleep
And those on the right say don’t give up the fight
The meaning of the words get very deep 
as you get closer to the light
So Don’t
Fall asleep
Wake up
BREAK OUT of your shell
In God’s time all is well



There is a lot more to say, but I leave these lyrics with you. There is so much talent in the world, and there are fears keeping you inside the shells, you need to breakout and shine your talents. There are so many talents that refuse to shine, and live in darkness with fears and shames.

The world deserves lightness instead, you don’t deserve Hollywood dreams determining your future. Shine on you crazy Diamond, and time will tell… if you don’t give up.

I don’t think that sounds like Pink Floyd, but they sound a lot like them.

Just shine on you crazy diamond