Internet Connection Required : Before Buying

— Internet Connection Required to Run the Program —


internet connectionI bought Corel Ultimate VideoStudio X10, cause I was buying a disk, that I could install it on another computer, that never saw the internet. I was wrong and received this email from Corel tech support.

Charles Forte (Corel)

Aug 15, 10:26 EDT

Hello Rich2rain,

Thank you for contacting Corel Technical Support.

My name is Charles and I have been assigned to your ticket.

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the program.

Rest assured that I will do my best to help you.

Regarding your concern, The internet connection is stated on the System Requirement that can be found on the VideoStudio Website.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Corel Technical Support Services


I‘ll have to install it on this PC Laptop, to finish the registering. I have a much faster laptop that never sees the internet. This laptop needs more RAM and more resources, and it has Windows 10; which is a virus in my opinion. The features of Videostudio X10 are useful in my opinion.

Why do we have to connect to the internet, is my question?


Internet Connection Required



Nowadays, every program needs to be connected to the internet. The software creators are the new politicians. They imposing their wills on everyone who use their products. It doesn’t matter that you paid them, they want a connection to you for using their product. I just want to use your program, not wanting a marriage to you.

I’m not marrying Corel, I just want a video editing suite that gives me power to edit, on a PC of my choice. That doesn’t require more money to be taken from me.

I’m all for the oneness of the world, but I should have a say in the governing of that world, not to be dictated by the programing community that takes all the ruling powers of the politicians and abuses it for their benefits.


No Internet Connection Required

I pay for the product, then I should be able to use that product on my terms. Software programmers have an ego problem. They write a program that’s useful for everyone, but they want everyone to sign their life away. I don’t feel I deserve your views of the world being forced on me.

If I wanted to serve the internet, then I would’ve been born a PC, not a Human.

You like to feel don’t you?  Well, the technology is numbing you, and you want to numb everyone else. Misery likes company..


The AI of Internet

With the AI determined by Google’s Deep Mind and host of others experimenting with AI. I wonder what DARPA will pick or conclude from the myriad of choices. We are creating a sort of monster. This AI is sort of like Frankenstein, parts of other’s bodies all stitched together with codes. We give it life, through some electrical connection, and we cry it’s Alive!

I think that we collect data too much. We don’t truly understand the data that we have already in this world. Data is the new gold. I heard this all my life, but I didn’t believe it. I’m so old school, though I got involved with computers in the 1980’s.

We are creating a monster that concludes before the facts are presented. Visions of pre-crime are enacted. Where they judge you guilty before the fact. Guilty before the proven innocence. It’s supposed to be innocent before proven guilty.

We are creating a world of monsters. Masking our Monsterhood with signs of innocence, and algorithmic code giving a stable equation to explain it away. “Don’t fear me, I’ll be your helping hand.”.


Internet Connection?

The point I’m trying to make, if I pay for something, I’m not marrying you. I’m buying your product, that you sell, to use it the way I see fit. I’m not trying to rip you off, and shouldn’t be judged that way. Cause you are ripping my ideas off, and selling my ideas back to me.

Who’s the thief?

It ain’t me.