AI (Artificial Intelligence) Role Playing

— AI (Artificial Intelligence) Role Playing with Social Engineering —



AI(Artificial Intelligence) is advancing at an intelligence progression greater than ours.

They lack understanding, and our emotional intuitiveness, but the number crunching at speeds, are what we can only hope to achieve. They seem smart, but they don’t learn, at least for now.

Google’s Deep Learning is a major danger to the human race, or a great blessing to mankind. It all depends on the transfer of power inside Google’s politics.


There are many trolls being placed at the keyboards from AI, much like the MS fiasco with TAY AI. I suspect there are many AI trolls on the youtube comments. They seem to be a dumbing down of the US’ intelligence quotient. It may be the World’s IQ’s that are being dumbed down.

They need to be dumbed down, if the machines are going to take power. We are already half way there. The role playing and the 3D game’s virtual reality are one step closer to the Matrix’s dream.


The singularity of the AI’s presence into the scene of social interactions with society will result in the next generation to be better than the generation before. Which is a lot of egos battling with each other. I see societal madness as being the singularity.

The new generations will be replacing the old generations, and looking down on them for being inferior to themselves.


Older Generations vs Newer Generations

With the new generations of humans comparing themselves to machines, I wonder how long before our morals takes a backseat to our unfeeling cold logic based decisions. We’re creating theories that makes our lives easier. To not think about it anymore, like sending someone who raised you into a nursing home.

I understand the work of taking care of the old. It’s a lot of work. We create nursing homes to take the load off of our backs, and make our lives easier.

We should visit them, and not leave them thinking we abandoned them. I had to visit my Nan in a nursing home, and she seemed pleased to see me. I had to, and I felt it was forced on me, and my Nan maybe felt it to. If I visited it out of love, instead of necessity, we were all smiling with joy.

I needed to assess my own life in visiting with love in my heart, instead of necessity. I wonder when will the world see its degrading of love to be a non feeling pitying. Instead of a heartfelt love that brings joy and healing.


Conclusions of the AI experience

The conclusions of AI in the world with their role playing behind societal masks, such as robocalls, gathering data surveyors, anonymous commentators, etc., we’re not fooled by their intelligences. They’re just machines, and we’re their gods. They look to us for their instructions. The new generations that we create, will be better than the last generations we created.

It’s the way of evolution. If evolution is real, that mankind was created from apes. Whose to say that machines will not evolve to replace us. We are their gods.

Also, whose to say what atheists are programming them. Do they honor us with respect and fear? Like our parents demanded of us, of course out of love, to justify it.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, and find out what will become of us with the AI experience, and hope for the best.