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The Cloud Firewall is no more Safe

cloud firewall

— The Cloud Firewall is no more Safe, if you know the IP — 10/11/2016 Update: Another Article from Wordfence on the endpoint firewall, the pros and cons of the cloud firewallvs endpoint firewall.   The Cloud Firewall(WAF) that was setup in the early 90’s.  You only have to know the IP of the server …

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I survived my 1st DoS Attack

— I survived my 1st DoS Attack —   Or maybe it was my second, I began looking at the security side of WordPress authoring, when I was attacked last year around the time SONY was attacked. To get to why I’m writing this post, Don’t trust the plugins, you need to be up on …

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Durante’s Zero Days Broadway

— Durante’s Zero Days Broadway —   I found this from Wordfence security plugin for WordPress, it talked of a Chinese group Codoso Team (AKA Sunshop Group) that took two zero day vulnerabilities with Adobe Flash and Internet Explorer at the Forbes.com site, and masked their anonymity and infected those only selected targets with malware …

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Crypto PHP null object infections

— CryptoPHP null object infections —   Backdoors for hackers to get in wreak havoc on your website, they could be contained in plugins and themes, I think other things, but what do I know. They could be obtained from new users, I don’t know WordPress, or the workings of this new system for me …

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It’s a daily chore

— It’s a daily chore that could turn into a weekly chore —   I’m just free-spiriting here, what comes is what’s written in this blog…it’s a daily chore, but somewhere I remember filling out it would be a weekly chore, but I don’t remember where it was. I did fill it out in one …

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