Durante’s Zero Days Broadway

— Durante’s Zero Days Broadway —


I found this from Wordfence security plugin for WordPress, it talked of a Chinese group Codoso Team (AKA Sunshop Group) that took two zero day vulnerabilities with Adobe Flash and Internet Explorer at the Forbes.com site, and masked their anonymity and infected those only selected targets with malware in a watering hole attack, rather than everybody who visited Forbes.com, which were banking and defense contractors… I guess there were others too.

With the amount of vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins, they are the most insecure plugins, cause they aren’t driven by money. Even the most secure of plugins, are capable of being attacked, and won over, and defeated.


“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


I could worry everyday, but this internet is driven by the money principle too. I figure I’ve got one life to live, so why worry.

You can’t hack the hackers, though they try, but it requires placing the free system in chains, and I would rather determine a true free system, than a slave in the free system clothes. Tyranny in a blue dress wearing the name tag of Freedom, she looks good in the dress, but underneath that dress is all the trappings of hell.

Visions of hypocrisy go through my head, conundrums of true freedom with two sides trying to occupying one space, the power struggles between the sides, and they leave walls and fences in their wake.

All right I’m coming back to sanity…I go wild when I look to make sense of this world.

They might be targeting you, cause I can’t guarantee that my site is safe. I went to war with the spammers they seemed to be behind the hacks that my site has seen, and they were all from other countries, and my own country. I don’t know what’s in their plans.

The only thing I know is I’m stupid, as far as computers go, I know how to get around computers, and I know the principles of backdoors, but I don’t understand it, is what I mean by stupid.

I know more than the average person, but that doesn’t make me an expert, in fact when I hear “expert” it must be someone on an ego trip. He knows more than me on the subject, as everybody knows more than me, but I have my areas of expertise…but they’re a mystery to me.

I’m not an expert on anything, but I can learn quickly. That line worked when I was young, now I’m an old man…or approaching the bottom of the hill, very speedily.

You watch time go by slowly when your young, but it approaches light speed as you age… I’m all ready for death.

That light speed is a sign, to break free the orbital gravity of this world.

I won’t die, as no one will die, you just go to sleep for awhile to get some rest. I’ll be dreaming of breaking free from this world of pain, and finding a planet that is free from pain and tears…they say it doesn’t exist, but I beg to differ.


Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age.




Now for the Durante side of this post:

Jimmy Durante 
I thought of first after waking from a deep sleep, I was amazed at the thought of Jimmy Durante occupying my waking mind, “was it from a dream?”, I don’t remember dreaming of him at all.

So I went to look up Jimmy Durante info and songs on youtube, and this is what I found. His birthday was February 10, 1893 and his death was January 29, 1980. So yesterday was his birthday, or 3 days ago by the time I post this… I won’t forget next year… that is if I remember to remember, which is why I’m blogging.

I need to be young at heart, but waking every day with constant bombardments at my nature and the nature of my friends, I want to go back to sleep, with an old defeated heart.

Loneliness is torturous to the soul…but I like my solitude, which is ironic. It means I’m my own worst enemy.

Why was he in my mind when I woke up today, it must’ve been his spirit… telling me to be young at heart.