The Cloud Firewall is no more Safe

— The Cloud Firewall is no more Safe, if you know the IP —


Update: Another Article from Wordfence on the endpoint firewall, the pros and cons of the cloud firewallvs endpoint firewall.



The Cloud Firewall(WAF) that was setup in the early 90’s.  You only have to know the IP of the server to bypass the cloud’s protections. It reminds me of millennium debacle(Y2K). We didn’t see that coming?

This article by Wordfence explains it better than I can.

Perhaps, the cloud and the endpoint protections can work finer together. To make it extremely harder for an attacker to break through.

I think this would be a better way.

I don’t know what evils lurk in the hearts of men… the Shadow Knows.


A combination of the cloud firewalls, and the endpoint firewalls, and a hardware firewall will secure your site the best. You can’t be over protective for this day and age.

I thank Wordfence to bringing it to my mind more clearly, so that I understand the complexities involved with the Internet. Understanding brings peace of mind, but that peace of mind comes with a price. A very expensive solution for this debacle is laid at my feet.

Thanks Wordfence… you hear the sarcasm.


WAF(Cloud Based Firewall) protects against the normal visitor, but I don’t want protection from the normal visitor, cause there is no harm in the normal visitor.

The tech savvy visitor which is, malicious in nature, I want protection from. I never trusted cloud based firewalls. If I was putting an application on the server, then I would trust cloud based firewalls, but I’m not putting an application on the server, besides WordPress.

So I guess a cloud based firewall server is needed. Oh No,  I’m confused again.


Conclusion of Cloud Based Firewalls

I‘m probably making a bigger fool of myself. I have very limited knowledge of Firewalls and Security, to be talking about them.

Cloud based firewalls are ineffective, when you don’t have to go through them. You have the original IP of the server of your site. Which is public knowledge, and easy to get.

Try it.