Crypto PHP null object infections

— CryptoPHP null object infections —


Backdoors for hackers to get in wreak havoc on your website, they could be contained in plugins and themes, I think other things, but what do I know.

They could be obtained from new users, I don’t know WordPress, or the workings of this new system for me at least. I need to be educated on the security of WordPress, so I have a working knowledge of the system. There is already too much in my head, I resemble a hoarder…at least in my head.

I had to get rid of themes and plugins to secure this website from hackers, a lack of colorful plugins and themes makes for a stale experience, I imagine even staler for the developers of WordPress, people attacking their sites.

I fell into the trap speaking to spammers, which are the devil’s seed…not that bad, but getting close. They are deceptive people going under the mask of anonymity, but no one is really anonymous. We all die in the end and we meet our victims, as well as our abusers.

It’s true…no matter what you believe…it may not take place the way you believe, but it will happen.


Here is the White Paper edition of CryptoPHP by FoxIT in the Netherlands. It’s been known since 2013, and it has been spreading without word of it.

The report by Fox It is telling what it does, I’ve only skimmed, it so I don’t want to sound stupid with assumptions, but I’ve had many conspiracy theories bounce around my head, since I skimmed it.

The control of the search engine data, for the sites opens up many more conspiracies, than I would like to mention.

The imagination is a dangerous tool, as well as a liberating thing.

I hope this CryptoPHP infection gets cleared up soon, even the security companies don’t mention it… I got it from Wordfence, or I never would have heard of it. The other security plug in didn’t mention it to me.

I had hackers sign in as users, and Iet them stay, before I started to delete them. I’m new to WordPress, so I don’t know every door and the locks to set or unset. It has been a crazy 6 months with WordPress. I didn’t know it before, and I learned I know less of it now after with being with it for 6 months.

I just wanted to share it with you, the few who read my rant here… I would like a counter with a secure counting system, but I’ll do without it for now…but I’ll pray for someone to write a basic…maybe a cryptoPHP making it cryptic for the infectious people, I’m just rambling here, I probably sound stupid, cause I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Beware of plugins and theme authoring software, I deactivated a lot of good plugins, cause I didn’t know if they were good, and then I got rid of themes so that there was one I was using, I need to go back and see how many broken links that is there on my site now.

But I wanted to share with you the evilness that lives in the shadows on the internet, I would like to cage it, cause I’ve been caged by them my whole life… deceptions are the bars of this cage.

Here is another article on CryptoPHP by Wordfence