It’s a daily chore

— It’s a daily chore that could turn into a weekly chore —


I’m just free-spiriting here, what comes is what’s written in this blog…it’s a daily chore, but somewhere I remember filling out it would be a weekly chore, but I don’t remember where it was.

I did fill it out in one of the plugins for WordPress, update “weekly” so if I didn’t fill it out daily then there was no pressure, I went looking for it, and I didn’t find it.

It wasn’t in “settings” section of WordPress, or I was too impatient to read thoroughly.

Well where ever it was, I’ve got my ass covered.

I just have no direction to babble on and on about, there is a search term that keeps coming up with the Counter I’m using, it’s “FCK Editor”, I searched it using Google, and it’s the default type editor for WordPress.

I’m questioning why someone would search it, if they weren’t using it, it raises in me suspicions of a hacker alert. It appeared in there before, the controversial content is when I see it, so I noticed my counter being hacked (2+2=5) or I don’t understand the counter, but everywhere else the 5 is less than the other numbers, but where it is now, it’s more than the other numbers.

And I remembers seeing it more than the other numbers and after a refresh it went down, so I suspect hacking. WordPress is not that secure, cause it’s free, the way every piece of software should be, or a tiny fee that’s fair and pays the maintainer, and only the maintainer.

It’s my view of the world, we have a lot of parasites called corporations that drain the resources of the body of society, they disguise themselves as organs to the betterment of society, but in the end they’re just parasites. This is a deep rant, and I don’t want to go there, cause I’m only one mind.

We need to network with many minds to find the truth.

It’s a lot of work with just one mind, and I’ve lost the vigor of my youthfulness, and I might fall into the dementia mode of thinking, which could put me in danger to becoming a dictator/asshole/madman.

I’m against copyrights and patents, it reminds me of feeding tubes for parasites and lazy people. Ooops I’m judging, of what I’m guilty of too, but it’s true.

The patents were designed to protect the inventor and supply him with an income, but there are other agencies that quickly distorted it, and supplied the drain to feed the others, that don’t want to work.

I see it as a vein/artery circulatory system, where you could plug into as a parasite or an organ, and I see nothing but parasites, that don’t contribute to the betterment of the system, only a drain to the system.

That’s my view, I’m just rambling… I should end it here… as abruptly as I started.