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Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking,we don’t cry

pacifier religions

— Pacifier Religions: once we’re sucking, we don’t cry —   The religions of this fleshly world, are the pacifiers of the global society. They take the place of God, for just a temporary relief. The hunger is always there as long, as we are alive, but there is a spiritual hunger, and the fleshly …

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Music has Evolved from Analog to Digital

— Music has Evolved from Analog to Digital : Death to music, or Life —   I see it as a death to music, and the freedom to be alive to music also. It’s an evolution to music and to artists. The world doesn’t stop changing. We went from analog vinyl record albums, I even …

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Aphasia Stroke Memories and Education

— Aphasia : Stroke Memories and Education — 09/15/2016 I want to share this story that lasted 3 years long, recovering from the stroke. I went through aphasia. It lasted 3 years, for me at least. Where people saw me, and never saw my pain. It was inside my being. I couldn’t express myself, the …

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Mental Plasticity : the Brain that Heals Itself

— Mental Plasticity : the Brain that Heals Itself — 09/06/2016 I saw this documentary on mental plasticity, after watching a series of videos on AI(artificial intelligence). It’s us making a copy of our own intelligence.  There is this new view that it heals itself, according to this documentary “The Brain That Changes Itself”.   …

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I need to get Back to Music

back to music

— I need to get Back to Music : Music is Therapeutic Relaxation —   I just bought the Zoom R8, and I’ve had a headache with the logic side of my brain, and trying to deal with the creative side of my brain, only one side wins. There is no harmony, unless I let …

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Cop Resigns a Week after This

— Cop Resigns a Week (10 days) after This —     Taken from WTOP (Washington’s top news)  “That officer, Shaun Jurgens, resigned from the city police department on May 14. But in a statement to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, Jurgens says he did not violate any policies in the May 4 incident.”   This …

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